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April 11th 2005
Published: April 22nd 2005
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On my way to Semporna I discover that I've missed the only bus from Sandakan for the day. So I have to go via Lahad Datu..no worries.
Meet this guy who is going to Danum Valley, he seems enthusiastic and knowledgeable so next thing I know Im off to Danum valley after we get to Lahad Datu - 30RM a night is within my budget for two nights (the bus only goes Mon, Wed,Fri)..except when we're well underway I discover that it's going to cost me 60RM/night!! I am not at all impressed and of course Im stuck with the decision. It also looks like I have a lonely traveller trying to attach himself to me like a hungry leech.....

No-one to blame but me, I should have asked more questions...make the best of it..

Get to Danum Valley around 5:30ish - this place really is in the middle of nowhere and to get to it you have to pass through a check point to travel on a logging road.By the way Sabah promotes itself as a nature tourisn destination but in actual fact only has 15% of its primary rainforest left - the rest is all oil palm plantation.

Settle in for the night - wanna get up early to catch the light for some good photographs.


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