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July 28th 2006
Published: January 19th 2007
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I dived Sipadan and Mabul Islands back in July last year, I write now in January 2007. So here is a diving photo feast for those that like that kind of thing...

My usual descriptive stories will resume shortly... I had all kinds of creative prose lined up for this but...

Sipadan: Turtles the size of Volkswagon Beatles glide by, Baracuda tornadoes twist and twirl while sharks dart by evil eyes twisting in all the wrong directions.

Mabul: A macro wonder-world, where every cranny holds a treasure...

But it is slightly false (the turtles are smaller but still big for turtles) - and reads like a hyperactive tour brochure... but photos do not lie. Except the ones which have been colour corrected... the ones with lots of water looked a little greener in the originals.

More from Borneo soon...

Additional photos below
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Purple Hairy Squat Lobster (Mabul)Purple Hairy Squat Lobster (Mabul)
Purple Hairy Squat Lobster (Mabul)

This little guy is about 1cm across, lives in the folds of a barrel sponge, thanks Freddie for finding this one!

19th January 2007

absolutely breathtaking! love the shots... keep them comin!
21st January 2007

beautiful pics with vibrant colors
21st January 2007

Jealous. Awesome sites. Awesome shots. Thanks for sharing!
23rd January 2007

CUTTLEFISH...gotta love 'em! why so many soldiers? wasn't like that a year ago...
23rd January 2007

I was lucky enough to visit at the same time as a Malaysian bigwig from the army/government - plus several TV cameras... the interview in one of the photos was along the lines of; "Do you feel safe in Sipadan?" - "Er... yes - there are a lot of soldiers here..."
28th January 2007

Brilliant photos. Thanks for publishing them. What camera did you use?
29th January 2007

Diving Photography Equipment....
Thanks - I use a Canon Ixus 800is with WP-DC5 underwater housing. Full details are in this forum post [url=/Forum/Threads/2756-1.html][/url]
7th March 2007

it's pulau sipadan, not palau. pulau means island.

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