On the Kinabatangan river with Uncle number 1

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November 27th 2006
Published: December 6th 2006
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Mat: After two amazing weeks we finally have time for some communication (we are in Kuta Kinabalu again). Luckily enough we have not had much time to spend in internet cafes, and in fact have been away from any computers for most of the time. This is the first of three blogs to explain what we have been up to in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo: 1) The Kinabatangan river, 2) Diving around the world famo... Read Full Entry

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Bornean blue tarantulaBornean blue tarantula
Bornean blue tarantula

... on the losing side of an encounter with a large wasp. I am not sure what happened here, but the wasp had the upper hand and was trying to drag the tarantula up a tree. The tarantula was still alive. Too much for the wasp though because we saw them a day later and the wasp had only made it 1m up the tree trunk. Good effort though. Full credit.

There are not too many crocs along the Sugai Kinabatangan, but we saw a few
DARK-eared frogDARK-eared frog
DARK-eared frog

Our guides were awesome, but with the accent we thought this species was the "DUCK-eared frog" much to our amusement - I mean what exactly does a duck ear look like, and why would you name a frog after one?
Dog-toothed cat snakeDog-toothed cat snake
Dog-toothed cat snake

What a cool species name... This individual was in the hut next to us, much to the chargrin of the female occupant.

Trace's contribution to the photographic record of the Kinabatangan... nice work my love
Least narrow mouth frogLeast narrow mouth frog
Least narrow mouth frog

I think these are the smallest frogs in the world. 10mm long. Small. Froggy.
Long-tailed macaqueLong-tailed macaque
Long-tailed macaque

There were heaps of these monkeys about, so I did not bother getting many photos. The sane went for the pig-tail macaques, and I only have one blurry photo!

7th December 2006

bearded pig
Mat the proboscus monkey actually reminds me of you have prtinted it out and hung it on my wall....xx
9th January 2011
Sleeping bat

Such a cool picture!
22nd February 2011
Flathead worm

hi, I found 1 yesterday after mowing the lawn wrapped around my little dog leg, never seen or heard about anything like it, very sticky, like a slug, it was about 10 cm long, at first I thought it was a dog's parasite.Wollongong's area, 80 km south of Sydney, Australia

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