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January 6th 2014
Published: February 23rd 2014
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First airplane ride. Mixed emotions - 30%!e(MISSING)xcited, 30%!n(MISSING)ervous and 40%!t(MISSING)hrilled and happy. This basically represents my feelings before going to Kota Kinabalu with my travel buddies as i tagged them (haha). Of course it is made possible because of the cheap airfare we availed 7 months ago before the actual flight.

Kota Kinabalu is often known as KK located East part of Malaysia. It is a major fishing destination and a popular gateway for travellers visiting Sabah and Borneo. I list down our 3 days and 2 nights adventure and expenses for those who might want to visit and explore Sabah.

DAY 1.. (City Tour)

Expense: City Tour 100RM, SOUVENIRS (Tshirts and Nail cutter, keychains) 200RM

Arrival at Kota Kinabalu: 12:00 PM

Since we arrived past lunchtime at the Kota Kinabalu Airport- (No heavy meal since morning from NAIA- only expensive cookies and bottled water from the airport served as our energy while waiting for our boarding time). We decided to look for a money changer near the airport to start our adventure and eat "REAL" foods. Good thing that we were able to find a tourist guide

with same nationality like us before going out to the airport. They offer city tour inclusive of lunch for 100 RM (1,800 pesos). We decided to eat lunch before continuing our city tour. Going to the cafeteria,not much difference in our country, same weather (it will rain and then stopped suddenly) but the ambiance in my opinion is very laid back. I could say most of the residents in Sabah owns a car. (even their plate number is interesting- you can easily notice where part of Malaysia they are coming from).

Foods are somewhat close to Filipino dishes, but there are still some spices/taste that i really don't dig. But if you are not as adventurous like me when it comes to food, go for their seafoods and shrimp dishes, it is the safest when it comes to taste. In addition most of their drinks are in tea preparations, so if you don't like tea (hot or cold) better to bring mineral water with you.

Our First stop in city tour is the TUN MUSTAPHA TOWER- you will be amazed by its structure. This 30-storey circular glass sculpture is 122 metres high, great for taking pictures

overlooking the sea on the side.

Next is the FLOATING MOSQUE - a prayer hall, magnificent on its structure and location. Sadly during our visit is prayer time so we weren't able to go inside. (P.S you may rent a muslim dress outside before going inside, rate vary from the designs)

Although majority of the malays are muslim in religion we also visited the famous PUH TOH TZE TEMPLE, there are ten large statues of deities
adorn the temple with the Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin, standing tall at
the main entrance to greet visitors. It is very sacred and quiet and yet you may roam around freely.

SIde trip on tour is the VIEWPOINT wherein you will see the KOTA KINABALU DOWNTOWN from topview. A little picture up there and we proceed to the next stop close to it is the ATKINSON'S tower, famous for its height, overlooking the seaside city and capital of Sabah.

We also went to a FILIPINO MARKET- to buy souvenirs with CHEAPEST PRICE. (note: The stall is well known for T-SHIRT that is very low in price-

We also went to the COCOA BOUTIQUE that is full of different chocolates in different taste innovation (It was fun because you will be welcomed by a staff with free taste from every product..yum!) A little picture taking in the so called "Shangri La" in KK and we went to PERDANA PARK to watch dancing fountain the Malaysian way.

As Finale for DAY 1 we ate in KFC for our dinner and headback to our Hotel (KINABALU SUITE HOTEL) to rest


On our 2nd day in KK, we travel for almost 2 hours to reach the viewing deck of MT. KINABALU- one of the highest peak in Southeast Asia, since we are not hiker's we are contented in watching it from afar(note: if you have travel sickness better for you take antivertigo/dizziness drugs since it is a long zigazag drive). After taking lots of picture in Mt. Kinabalu another more or less 1 hour drive bound to KINABALU PARK. I will call it the "little Baguio of KK" (For those who already visited Baguio Philippines the weather ,the fog and somewhat trekking experience is almost the same- lucky for us we

went early morning so the weather is just good for exploring around)

After luchtime (again stick to the shrimps that's my learning for this trip) we again travel to reach the PORING HOT SPRING and experience the exciting and thrilling cannopy walk. I never expected that it was actually 5 LONG cannopy walks that is very high (On 4th to 5th cannopy I almost give up, but you don't have a choice. It's either to walk back to the first 3 cannopy or continue the scary last 2 cannopy).

Also, there is a butterfly garden that you will walk through with additional entrance fee. After "cannopying" we headback to Hot spring area, you may relax your tired feet on the soothing hot water (NOTE: First time for me to see hot spring with different pool area--like a bar (good for 2-4 person per area with faucet to regulate the water temperature)


Since we return early from our KOTA KINABALU PARK AND PORING HOT SPRING EXPERIENCE, we decided to explore downtown using the MAP from the KK Airport. We visited the high ends mall and even high ends establishments and took picture from outside. We ate at the SEAFOOD MARKET, (the foods are really great, you will be bombarded by different kinds of seafoods at a very understandable prices.) First meal in KK that i truly enjoyed😉


Before our returning flight to Manila, we got the chance to experience the sunday market that literally suprised me. (Setting up a bazaar in front of our hotel room? isn't' amazing-hehe) We also drop by to our favorite Souvenir shop in FILIPINO MARKET for some last minute shopping (Additional in our first day purchased).

To sum it up it was indeed a happy short vacation. I never expected much from KK but it totally proved me wrong. Thanks to our tour guides (WAWAWEE) for the wonderful KK experience. For those who are into island hopping or water sports..KK should be also in your list. If your'e into hiking, MT KINABALU is the place to be. As for me that is digging more for the scenery, ambiance, food and experience, I could say it is worth your money and time. Not bad for beginner and starter like me😊

Will post picture later for the must see tourist attractions in KOTA KINABALU MALAYSIA.

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Sneek Peak to SEA- highest mountain

While waiting for boarding

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