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March 24th 2012
Published: March 26th 2012
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View from apartment.View from apartment.View from apartment.

As you can see will soon disappear as a hotel is being built in front.
After having a great night’s sleep we were up and had breakfast and Stu went down to the pool with Danika and Zavanna while I stayed here so Frankie could have a sleep after breakfast. The pool is a fairly decent size and the girls even got some laps in.

The apartment we are staying in was built in 2000 so is only 12 years old. The inside is absolutely lovely with everything a family like us could need. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, (not that we cook on holidays – would rather enjoy and try the foods the area has to offer 😉 ) balcony overlooking the pool area as well as out to sea (that won’t be for much longer though as there is another hotel and shopping mall being built right in front) and is very secure. As Dad is always saying though, once buildings are built in Malaysia there is not a lot of upkeep done to them and I guess that the Marina Court Condominiums are no exception, It does look like it could do with some paint and maybe another colour apart from pink but we cannot fault inside at all. For A$105 per night we are definitely more than happy. I should also mention that the hosts of the apartment, Theresa and Nigel even picked us up from the airport and had food waiting for us in the fridge on our arrival. Fantastic!

Our rental car was dropped off at 9am and is a cute little Viva. We headed off for a drive around KK city to try and get some bearings on the area. We also needed to exchange some money, which we exchanged at a money exchange.

We popped into one of ten or more malls in this area to have a quick look around before heading back to the apartment and setting off on foot to another mall only 200 mtrs where there is a supermarket to get some supplies. These shopping malls are packed with shops that seem more like market stalls (apart from the supermarket and department stores).

Returning to the apartment we all went down to the pool and Frankie had a ball in there with the girls, splashing, kicking and squealing.

The highlight for today was definitely dinner. We had dinner at the Ocean Seafood restaurant that is situated next door. It is expensive in Malay terms for a meal, Our meal altogether was RM250 or just under A$80, but we would never get what we had for our meal in Australia for under $80. The whole experience was great. All the seafood was live in tanks and you had to go and choose what you want. Most of the seafood you pay per kg. We chose some HUGE prawns and they were sold per each. They would have been approx 30cm each, we had 3 of those and they were cooked “salt and pepper” style. Zav chose some normal tiger prawns, (although they were a bit smaller than our tiger prawns in Aussie) we got 500g of those. These prawns were cooked with soy and garlic. We also got 1kg scallops (they are weighed in their shells) so we probably ended up with about 30 altogether. We had the scallops cooked with eshallots and ginger. Zavanna and Frankie absolutely loved the scallops, musn't get them to used to them... Danika chose glass noodles with Vegetables, which even had some local unusual veges that we weren't sure about but were delicious. The beauty of this restaurant is that you choose exactly what seafood you want to eat and you get to choose how you would like it cooked and with what flavours, etc. The meal also came with rice and an assortment of accompaniments and included our drinks. We even had built in Frankie sitters. The staff couldn’t wait to pick him up and play with him and one of the young male waiters was even saying that Frankie was his and that he wasn’t a tourist at all!

After leaving the restaurant we headed across the road to the waterfront to check out some weekend night markets and there is an area of food stalls there where it is obvious that a lot of local youngsters hang out at. We had some freshly made doughnuts and these green cake thingees, I think they might have had pandan in them.

The food at the dinner food stalls looked amazing so we will be heading back there for dinner one night.

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Night food stallsNight food stalls
Night food stalls

Across the road, along 100 mtrs from our apartment.

26th March 2012

Hi Lovely Harveys, wow looks like you are having the best time :)

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