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November 18th 2007
Published: December 8th 2007
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WOW, I'm officially six citites behind on my blogging, so I'll be keeping the next few short and sweet! HIGHLIGHTS! I've been up to some pretty amazing craziness in the last few weeks! I headed over to Borneo for about a week and knew I wanted to divide my time between jungle-riffic touring and underwater splendor. My first stop was the sleepy mountain and coastal town of KK where I decided to venture into my first hostel staying experience! There was a highly recommended place, the North Cabin Borneo hostel, and for about $7/night, how can you go wrong? Right away I loved it, I went right out to join the group on the patio - its so fun to walk into an instant party! They had all been there a few days and they told me their stories of good times around Borneo and I was able to make a few absolutely fabulous decisons from their input!

Most people go to KK to climb Mt Kinabalu, and I actually considered it for a minute! But I wised up and opted for a jungle river tour (and then immediately got that divers ants in my pants and headed to a scuba destination....more on that later!) And yes, OF COURSE, it was a MONKEY and jungle river tour! We were out to see the probiscious monkeys (the ones with the funny balloon noses!) which are found only in Borneo! The tour started with a breathtaking drive along the coast with amazing jungle mountains on the other side - it was a fantastic arrival to a jungle lodge and then we set off on a smooth as a mirror pristine river. We immediately spotted a group of the probiscius monkeys and just watched in awe as they jumped from tree to tree and playfully danced around as we all tried to take pictures! we ended up seeing about 5 different families throughout the evening, and also got to see an amazing jungle sunset on our way back. They had a traditional Malaysian dinner waiting for us at the lodge, and it left a lot to be desired. Malaysian food is a mix of chinese and indian food - can you say Fish Curry? No thanks! I spent one more night hanging out with my new friends at the hostel, and then took the next flight out to get my scuba junkie fix....

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