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Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Ipoh January 17th 2017

When doing some rough planning of my trip, I had decided that I really wanted to visit Ipoh for some reason. However after consulting with my friend, who'd lived in Malaysia, she'd advised not to go if I was going to Georgetown as they were similar and to go to the Cameron Highlands instead. Luckily, I had enough time on my itinerary to visit all three places. However, I would only be having a quick pit-stop in Ipoh. The bus journey from the Cameron Highlands was uneventful and took around two hours, maybe a bit longer. I really can't remember. The bus station in Ipoh is miles out of town and all the hostels say what a ballache it is to get from there to the city centre. I had researched online how to get there ... read more
Street Art
Birch Memorial

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Ipoh October 17th 2016

Ipoh - beeing in Malaysia mainland for the 4th time now, we have never thought of spending time in Ipoh. For us, this city is just the getaway to the Cameron Highlands (which is amazing!). But as Paramahamsa Vishwananda whom we were following through Singapore and Malaysia held a darshan in Ipoh, we were confronted with the city for the first time. And we have to admit, there are quite some things to do there that will keep you busy for 1-3 days. In the morning we took a bus from Butterworth to Ipoh - it was a freezing cold (malaysian aircon....) but easy ride. The bus station in Ipoh is out of town, so we took a prepaid "teksi" to our accomodation, the Shamrock Guesthouse . We took the smallest and cheapest room available. The ... read more
Mahkamah Tinggi Ipoh
beautiful Ipoh train station

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Ipoh September 26th 2016

A gastronomic weekend in Ipoh with the girls... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Ipoh April 23rd 2016

Saturday, 23rd April 2016 It was quite a joyful ride as I embarked on the 67km ETS train journey from the iconic Ipoh Station to Taiping. Before that, I made a whistle stop at the Ho Yan Hor Museum at Ipoh's Old Town and was surprised at the warm reception that I received at this fine museum. The train that I travelled on today was relatively new and the cabins smelt really fresh. It had the hall marks of modern train design including clean restrooms, a meal car as well as the train route indicator. I booked my tickets online one month before my travel dates. The train was full on a Saturday morning but it did not compromise on comfort. Currently, the ETS service covers Gemas in Negeri Sembilan to Butterworth (Penang). I had read ... read more
The meal car
My lunch in Taiping
The Railway Station Gallery

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Ipoh April 22nd 2016

Friday, 22nd April 2016 They said no visit to Ipoh is complete without paying a tribute to the many cave temples littered around the fringes of the city. Since I did not have my own transportation, I chose one that was relatively near the city centre and accessible through public buses. In the morning, after taking more pictures of the iconic Railway Station, I popped over to the local bus station and hopped on to Perak Transit # 66 that would bring me straight to the gates of Sam Poh Tong Temple. The 20 minutes bus journey was comfortable costing just RM1.50. To made sure I alighted at the correct stop, I switched on my GPS which proved to be really useful in a unfamiliar environment. The area where I was dropped off consisted of a ... read more
Ling Sen Tong
Guanyin - Ling Sen Tong
Sam Poh Tong

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Ipoh April 22nd 2016

Friday, 22nd April 2016 "This is not an indoor petting zoo," the guide exclaimed as I entered the premises to begin the tour. In the afternoon, I made my way to the Han Chin Pet Soo Museum located next to the Concubine Lane in Ipoh Old Town. Admission is free even though a donation of RM10 is encouraged to keep the museum running. Admission is through appointment only and I booked my 2.30pm slot one week before I arrived. The whole tour lasted about 2 hours and it was fully-guided to enhance the viewing experience. This museum is dedicated to the history of tin mining in Kinta Valley. Occupying the premises of the Hakka Tin Miners' Clubhouse, it is a must-visit to gain a historical perspective of the city through the living exhibits and the furnishings ... read more
Peeping through the times
The bed that got everybody excited

Asia » Malaysia » Perak April 21st 2016

Thursday, 21st April 2016 This was an impromptu trip and it was decided sometime in late March 2016. After sourcing for cheap tickets to Ipoh, I was soon on my way to Changi Airport for my 1 hour flight to the capital city of the state of Perak. I wanted to stay near the beautiful Railway Station, take a couple of train trips and visit the famous cave temples. Oh yes, I heard that there were a couple of museums worth exploring and plenty of delicious local foods that I could try. The city of Ipoh is divided into the old and new town separated by the Kinta River. The old town is where the train and bus stations meet as well as where the museums and street murals are located. There are also plenty of ... read more
Embarking on the walking trail
My room
Nice Old Town facade

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Pulau Pangkor March 27th 2016

It's funny how life has it's ups and downs sometimes. All the time we'd been in Kuala Lumpur Stan had been off colour. Feverish one day then fine the next. We figured a spot of island time would put him right. We took the 3 hour bus ride to Lumut which turned out to be 4.30 hours! The bus was highly air conned - in other words - freezing. When we got off it was a stifling 34 degrees C. We found the ferry and boarded it to the island of Pulau Pangkor. Once there we jumped in a taxi and arrived at the accommodation we'd booked. It was awful and we'd paid two nights up front as Booking . com said it was fully booked later in the week. Annoyingly this was a lie the ... read more
Around the island
Jungle trekking
Room service

Asia » Malaysia » Perak February 7th 2016

Based myself in Ipoh as I got an offered to help out in a small hostel, so I could go around town whenever I was free. Although Ipoh is the biggest city in Perak region, but it was combined with many different kampong actually, and the main sight mostly cramped east of the train station, a grant British building. The city is full of colony style houses, mosques and temples, side street tattooed with mural by artists that offer great photo opportunity. Ipoh prospered from its tin mine since 15th century. it attracted immigrant worker from different ethnic, and many of them were come from southern China, no wondered I find many people here could speak Cantonese who had keep the language of the ancestor. Also they brought in their own eating culture that enrich the ... read more
train station
Ipoh white coffee
view from above Perak cave

Asia » Malaysia » Perak » Ipoh January 24th 2016

Thaipusam is a one of the main Hindu ceremony that is held each year during the full moon in the tenth month of the Hindu calendar, it is dedicated as a thanksgiving to Lord Subramaniam (also known as Murugan) for answered prayers, and is also a day of penance. Devotees pray to God to receive his grace so that bad traits are destroyed. Thaipusam is celebrated by the Hindu people of South India and the mainly Tamil-speaking Hindu communities throughout Malaysia. The most famous is at the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur and the Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple in Penang. Here in Ipoh although smaller but still very interesting, and the parade with Kavadi Attam(carrying burden) along the pilgrimage route are rather intense. It was a 24 hours non-stop procedure start from the Mariamman Kovil Temple, each ... read more
 Kavadi Attam
prepare  for the parade
prepare  for the parade

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