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April 1st 2012
Published: April 4th 2012
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This Morning was our last day in Hong Kong and were needing to be ready to catch the train in the afternoon at 4.30ish for our flight to Penang. We headed out to find the Bruce Lee Club across at Kowloon. We jumped on the MTR and made our way there. Unfortunately it had been closed down for about a year which was a shame as Stu was looking forward to seeing it. It is a known fact that Bruce Lee is not recognised by the people of Hong Kong like he is in Hollywood. They did not like him teaching the art of Kung fu to outsiders so there is still outrage in Hong Kong. The people want a museum in his memory but it’s still on the back burner as one of the locals told me. We headed down to the waterfront where the “Avenue of the Stars” is and took a few pictures on the harbour and we found Bruce Lee’s statue which made Stu happy. These stars are like walking in Hollywood along the stars but these are for actors from China and Hong Kong.

After a few pictures we spotted a Starbucks and stopped for a bite to eat and a cuppa. It was nice to sit down and chill out for a bit before we caught the well known Star Ferry back across the harbour to Wan Chai pier, which is only about 10 minutes walk back to the apartment. The ferry ride was actually really smooth. I was expecting it to be rough, but not at all. We called into the local Porsche building and dreamed for a while. Stu liked the new 911 camera but it was just a few dollars over our day allowance so we said next time we have a spare $3,100000.00 HK ( $345,000 au) we might think about getting just the 4 door for abbs.... he he he

We got back to the apartment and the kiddies had a rest while we got the bags sorted. We waited for the owners to come over and say goodbye to us which was nice. We headed towards the MTR with three suit cases and one pram and 4 backpacks in peak hour which was full on. Now during our stay in Hong Kong Abby and myself noticed one thing that I still can’t work out and it bugs the crap out of both of us. The lifts are always full of people and no one is in a wheel chair or elderly or has a pram which the lifts are supposed to be used for??.........frustrating some say. Well when you’re trying to get to the airport and you’re in a rush – it can drive you crazy. You think Brizzie peak hour is full on you ain’t seen nothing!

We had to change trains at central to get the Airport line which was a quick trip to get there. We checked in and went straight through to our gate and sat down had a cuppa and waited for our plane which was due in about an hour. We put lil man down for a crawl around as he hadn’t been down for much all day. Poor lil bugger..

We were sitting down and the next thing he was mobbed by Chinese locals and they were picking him up and taking photos of him with them which was a bit full on. We had seen it the whole trip so we were use to it but I videoed it this time to show everyone what it’s been like.

Our plane soon arrived and we were on our way to Pinang (Penang) which was about a 3 ½ hour flight. It had been a long day and the kids were tired. It was 8.30 pm by the time we were up in the air.

The girls had a sleep for a bit and Abby tried to but the turbulence was quite full on so it was a bit hard to get to sleep. We soon arrived in Penang and it was 12.15am so it had been a long day for all of us. We had to get two taxis which was a pain as there are no vans from the airport. It seems that the one taxi company has the monopoly at this airport. We were also slugged more money because it was after midnight. We got to the apartment about 45mins later. The owner, Leslie showed us around and gave us a tour of the facilities pool, gym, etc. He left so we could get the kiddies to bed and we weren’t too far behind them. It had been a massive day and the kiddies had been great which helped. We were happy to be in Penang and were looking forward to seeing what the next 5 days have install for us but for now it was time for sleep. zzzzzzzzz

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5th April 2012

I am still reading your blogs!!
Hope you guys are having a fantastic time!!

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