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March 25th 2010
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So, we eventually left Thailand after 60 fabulous days! We got the ferry from Ko Lipe to Langkawi in Malaysia, and had to give our passports to a guy for immigration. He had a T shirt on saying "DONT TRUST ANYBODY". Quite ironic we think. Luckily we got our passports back safely.
We stayed in Langkawi for a few days and slept quite a lot. We were pretty exhausted as it seems to be none stop sometimes. (I know.....poor us!). Langkawi was ok, but there was one thing that seemd to be a massive change compared to Thailand... Not everywhere sells beer. I know; this was quite disturbing for us too, but we managed to find an Irish bar and a shop that sold beer. Obviously with the majority of the population being Muslim, beer is just not as easily accesible.
We left Langkawi for Georgetown, Penang on a ferry which seemd to take forever. When we got there we tried to find somewhere to stay. We had a look at a few dingy places and settled for a slightly less dingy one. We were right next to a mosque and were woken at ridiculous times by the prayer time (not that it was a bad thing...all part of the experience and that). I think we know all the words to the prayer songs they sing through loud speakers. I'm sure I sang along on more than one occasion!
Malaysia is so different to Thailand. It is much more advanced everywhere, and it is so muliticultural. We had some of the best food yet, in Penang. Indian, Chinese, Japanese and more Indian! We love the Indian food and are obsessed with Tandoori naan sets! Oh, and Craig is pretty obsessed with jugs of lime juice.
I got my palm read by a Chinese woman, whose sidekick did the interpretting, he only had one tooth. Apparently I'm having 2 or 3 kids and getting married by the time I'm 28, but having 1 kid before I get married. It seems to all happen very quickly for me! better make the most of the next 2 years!
We also got drunk in a Japanese Kareoke bar and met a Mexican drug dealer (but was not buying drugs, may I add...just playing cards!).

Next stop...the Cameron Highlands where it is rumoured to be pretty cold!! (Although not as cold as ENGLAND....obviously).

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26th March 2010

you're getting canny good at the art of titles by now. "odd thing" and "odd thing" lol did the palm reaader not mntin th puppy you're getting? xxxxx
27th March 2010

Mexican drug dealer
Well that's it you have done it all now, long way to meet Mexican drug dealers, glad u had the good sence to drink up and go!!! can't wait to see the tatoo's but don't get anymore eh!! time is running out kids make the most of it and take care of each other love to you both mam and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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