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February 22nd 2008
Published: February 25th 2008
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So we spent another night out with Mike and met more of his wonderful friends (Jeff, Ong, Ram Singh/Elvis) and had one more great happy hour before moving on to Penang where Mike just so happen to be born. He hooked us up with his brother Allan and went out with him and his wife Jenny. They are also great people, both with as much curiosity about us and where we are from as we had for them. We unfortunately forgot the camera so we don't have pictures of them but may get some if we happen to come back this way as Penang is a large but laid back place we may want to return to. There is lots to see here but we want to get to Langkawi tomorrow for our 1st anniversary! I lifted a car today.....There was a little car that's call a Proton that was blocking the road and two Malay guys in a delivery truck were not able to get by so I walked over to offer a hand. You should have seen their faces when I suggested we pick up the back end of the car and move it. They got on one side and I got on the other and we were able to move it fairly easily, they went happily on their way...

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Mike, Jeff and Moi

Sindy and Moi

Bridge to Penang.

Mike eating a fish head.

26th February 2008

I'm a doubter
There is no way Sindy ate that fish. Hehe Sounds like your having great fun.
28th February 2008

Ate it
No she ate the fish but not like you see in the picture. Our friend Mike ate the fish head teeth and all.

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