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April 17th 2013
Published: May 2nd 2013
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The next part of our journey was meant to be a quick stopover in Kuala Lumpur then a flight back to the Philippines to enjoy a further 3 weeks there. Sadly while we were in KL we received news that Sophie’s grandfather had passed away at the great age of 98 so plans were quickly adjusted in order to fly home for the funeral. This would mean that we would have to forego our time in the Philippine... Read Full Entry

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Bats in the palms on JuaraBats in the palms on Juara
Bats in the palms on Juara

There were hundreds of them nesting there.

2nd May 2013

Sorry to hear about the passing of your grandfather...
at 98 he certainly had a full life.
18th May 2013

Thank you
Yes at 98 he lived life to the full, if we can be half as active as him at that age we will be very happy :)
3rd May 2013

What a beautiful location
Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. We are glad you could alter your plans and be with your family. Your beach hut looked great. The Philippines will be waiting for you.
3rd May 2013

Sorry to hear about your grandfather Sophie. It must have been a bittersweet return home...
18th May 2013

Thanks guys
for your kind words x
3rd May 2013
Juara Beach - Tioman Island

Don't mind spending at least a week here ! :)
4th May 2013

I'm sorry about your grandfather Sophie, 98 is a very long life indeed...I hope you're ok and can still enjoying your trip xx
18th May 2013

Thank you
Thank you for your kind words. x
6th May 2013

sorry to hear about Sophie's grandfather. i was in KL almost the same time as you :) although i think my experience with the place wasn't as good, but i'm pretty much willing to give it another try. safe travels. x
18th May 2013

Oh no!
Sorry we missed you Tinnie, we were also meant to meet up with Shane but things were a bit difficult so it wasn't to be. It's a shame you didn't enjoy it so much, I think it's a bit like Bangkok that it needs to grow on you a little, admittedly it doesn't have as much character though... perhaps a place you either love or hate? Hopefully one day we will get to say hi as we seem to keep missing each other! :)
11th May 2013

Tioman is the best
Hey guys, just read this entry about Pulau Tioman - spent a week there during my trip and loved it just as much as you did. Also liked Malaka (your next blog entry) and then spent about three month just down the road from Malaka. Finally, I so agree with your views of KL and it feeling quite homely, couldnt have expressed it any different...
18th May 2013

Thanks Ben
Always good to hear from you. We really did love Tioman and would recommend it to anyone, a little bit out there still which is nice. We hope you are great as always, not long until we return home now!

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