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March 15th 2007
Published: March 15th 2007
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We left Kota Bharu and boarded an 9 hour jungle train which, surprisingly enough, took us into the jungle - Temara Negara, allegedly the oldest rainforest in the world.

After weeks of boring each other senseless, we finally made some friends who aren't freaks - Katie from Streatham and Ruth from Wiltshire who is the female Ray Mears. They dragged us, sweating and bleeding, up a mountain and then through dense jungleness to a wildlife look-out point. We saw elephant footprints, some elephant poo and even heard one wailing but alas, there was no sighting. Instead, there were lots of spiders, rats, lizards, mozzies and wasps. However, on a night safari, we did see leapord cats, poisonous snakes, wild boar and other beasts. Shame we forgot our camera.

Stuck in a dry town without even an Irish pub we were forced to spend Saturday night - St Paddy's day - drinking fruit juice. We decided it was time for some normality so we headed to Kuala Lumpur. In between Starbucks and Skol/Guiness fixes, we visited the rather awesome Petronas Towers, the KL Tower, one of the world's largest mosques and TopShop.

FYI: Malaysians love Michael Owen, WWF wrestling and need to improve their cooking.

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22nd March 2007

Need to improve their cooking? I think the food is lovely. I think you're the one who probably has no taste. You said that you finally met some people who weren't freaks. Well, we'll think about it this way. Its like a person saying, "Everyone in the world is insane except for me. " Tells us that the persons the only one with their own perspective. Freak's you... Im British by the way. Been to Malaysia a few times. Great country!
2nd April 2007

Dear Catlover
There should be an apostrophe in "Its" when you are shortening "it is". "Tells us that the persons the only one with their own perspective" - on what level does this make grammatical or, in fact, any kind of sense? We could go on. The 2004 World Food Survey ranked Malaysian cuisine 8th in the South East Asian category. This coupled with food purchases made on a strict daily budget equalled a very disappointing dining sensation.
9th April 2007

Kennet's not impressed with Ike

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