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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan August 21st 2016

Geo: 3.97, 103.439First, thanks to those who sent us greetings of all sorts.We celebrated by attending church with wonderful people.Then drove east about 4 hours, stopping at reststops we were indeed the only caucasians, but we are used to it by now. Incredible jungle, palm and rubber plantations, stairways leading from the road into who knows where. We stopped to prepare sandwiches at a waterfalls - what brown water!As we arrived in the state of Pahang, and neared the coastal cities of Kuantan and Pekan, we noticed differences - durians sold everywhere for one thing, along the roadside. And lampposts with Kris designs (the ceremonial daggers) and photos of the Sultan and his wife (would she be a sultana?)The Ancasa is only 2 years old and luxurious and right on the edge off the big river, ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan March 2nd 2016

Living overseas it's easy to get into a routine and to miss out on some of the things in your area. I've been here a year and a half and I just heard about the LaoZi temple. I like temples. They're usually quite peaceful and pretty. But this one was special and only half an hour from my house. Winding down a road, I parked, and realized I was looking at the dragon's tail. There's an ticket booth, but it's empty. In reality you pay at the end. I walked into the dragon's tail and enjoyed the breeze and blue sky overhead. There was artwork on the walls, each section with a different theme. After winding around for ages, and being spooked a little by dried leaves blowing in the wind (it's really quiet otherwise) I ... read more
It's long, alright!
See, proof!
Tail up close

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan September 28th 2015

Every year, Indonesia has a lot of fires from the burning of palm oil trees. It's something I'd never noticed until this year, now that I'm far enough south for the smoke to reach me. My friend refers to this as the annual Haze Festival. (Last year the fires weren't as bad/didn't last as long, so I didn't notice them.) Despite complaints from neighboring countries, Indonesia hasn't done anything to stop it yet; but supposedly they will in the next few years. Until then, we get to choke when we go outside. It certainly doesn't look as bad as what I saw in China many days, but it's still bad enough to close schools several times. And for me to decide that going to the mall (with closed ventilation system) sounds like a pretty good idea. ... read more
View on my street

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan June 30th 2015

Today at work, I asked one of my teachers if there was anything interesting in the newspaper he was reading. "Not really, it's yesterday's. The most interesting thing is the article about Ronaldo winning the award." "Ah, okay. Why is he making such a stupid face in the photo?" "I have no idea. You're right, it's not a good expression." A quiet teacher in the corner spoke up: "He's single, you know, Kris." As I was walking to the beach a group of middle/high school boys yelled hello, smiled and waved. On my way back up, they said hello again and asked if I'd take a photo with them. I sighed, not really in the mood. "Okay, " I said. All 7 of them let out a whoop and a "YES!" Glad I changed my mind. ... read more
This is how I like to start the day
Well, on the weekend
Fo' shizzle!

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan April 15th 2015

I love getting email. Well, I love getting emails with news, stories, or a friendly hello. When I saw that I had an email from my friend Candy I was pretty excited. Candy had been one of my closest friends when I lived in Shenzhen and the last time we saw each other was when I traveled to Xi'an in 2012. Candy had written me a short email that can be summed up with, "I'm coming to visit you! I arrive in KL Sunday. I can't wait to see you!" My excitement turned to panic as I realized that Sunday was 3 days away and I had plans to be out of town all weekend! (As luck would have it, I had a speech contest in KL.) When would I prepare or clean? Sufficed to say, ... read more
At the beach
At the beach
At the beach

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan February 15th 2015

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, my friends in China have long holidays. One of them decided to take a few days of her holiday to stop and visit me! I haven't seen her since we both left the university in China in June 2013, so we were long overdue for a meeting! I picked her up at KLIA on Thursday. Thanks to traffic and an accident, it took me over five hours to get there. But, unlike everyone had predicted (based on their own experiences), I didn't get lost! Unfortunately, the sign for the airport parking was rather unclear (I thought it was parking for the hotel next to the airport), so I illegally parked like everyone else. I think the ticket cop was waiting for me. But we were on our way again and ... read more
Beach babe
Kaya toast and eggs.  And coffee.  Must have coffee.
Penang noodles in soup with shrimp

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan November 13th 2014

Sports days seem to be a popular tradition in Asia. I experienced them in China and in Thailand, and now, also in Malaysia. Schools in my area do it a bit differently. There are practice days, where the students learn new games and do trials, and then there's the actual sports days that determine the winners. Both are two day events. They're usually held earlier in the year, but many of my schools delayed them until the end for one reason or another. The school year ends in a week or so, so it's actually a nice break before exams. The students compete by gender and grade in a variety of events. Some events they do compete across grades. There's high jump, long jump, relay races, sprinting, shot put, and one school asked me for help ... read more
Getting ready--everyone helps
Waiting around with friends

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan October 15th 2014

Geo: 3.80112, 103.264... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan October 8th 2014

I stopped at my local fruit stand today. The supermarket nearest to me doesn't have a lot of variety and I really wanted something besides apples and oranges. From a distance I knew I would not be disappointed. A chatty woman who helped me showed me the mangos. In the US, there's only one kind for sale usually, and it's red and green. Since moving to Asia I've discovered there's yellow mangos. Now I know that Malaysia has three types of mangos. Probably more. But she sells three kinds. She showed them to me and told me their names. (Which I didn't write down, of course.) And how they're each a little different. And how I should try one of each to see what I like best. I think that was the most easily I've been ... read more
I will be spending too much money here, I think
Three kinds of mangos
More fruit

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Kuantan October 3rd 2014

House hunting when you live abroad is always a bit different than you're used to. In the US, I asked friends for recommendations of leasing companies that they liked, called one, and was shown an apartment or two. Not a lot of leg work required. In Bangkok, a Thai friend and I went door to door in a neighborhood I was interested in, asking to see apartments. More work than in the US, but, still, not too difficult. If I'd tried to do it on my own (ie, without a Thai friend) I most likely would have needed more time and spent more on the apartment. Malaysia is a whole different game. While I'm sure KL might actually have a similar process to Bangkok, outside KL the game has changed. For one, there are no apartments, ... read more

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