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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Brinchang May 5th 2011

Wow what a hike, I trekked to the top of Berinchang today and if I thought it was going to be anything like walks I have ever done before I was so wrong! There was a path just, most of the time however it was scrambling over trees, loosing my feet in swamps and overall getting very dirty and wet feet! It really was a hike in the jungle, hard work especially in the humidity but the views from the top were amazing and very rewarding. Then I met an Australian couple at the top after checking their feet a few times trying to work out how they got up here clean and in jandels I realised there was a 10 km drive up, but that's cheating and even though the hike was hard work I'm ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands May 5th 2011

Jan’s deep thoughts: We have managed to get used to the time difference and the weather by now. The weather especially was a bit of a challenge. The heat, mixed with humidity turned me into a sweaty mess every time I went out. It only took the 5 minute to the station and I was soaked. Entering a fully air-conditioned train didn’t help much either. And to top it all off, every evening it started pouring with rain. And not the weak, London type rain, but “cats and dogs” rain. We visited the last few sights in KL in our time there and got a glimpse of a Malaysian prime minister on Monday. We went to the main square, to see the world’s highest flag pole, where a celebration of an Indian holiday, Vaiskahi, was taking ... read more
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Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands March 8th 2011

Well, Diane and Richard had gone so we now found ourselves on our own again and flying out of Thailand before we were thrown out, due to expiring visas. We decided to head off to Malaysia for a couple of days with a brief stop in Kuala Lumpur and then a trip up to the Cameron Highlands for some trekking in the cool mountain air. As we had had a thorough look around Kuala Lumpur on our last visit, and we had to be back in Thailand in a few days to make the most of our second entry visa, we only planned to stay in Kuala Lumpur long enough to get our VIP bus tickets and hostel in the Cameron Highlands booked. We again stayed at the Matahari Guesthouse which, although had changed management, was ... read more
Facebook at Five Thousand Feet
Defo Fungus
The great white hunter

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands March 8th 2011

I have been in Malaysia for a little while now. I have been complaining about the humidity since my first moments in this country. The heat and humidity in Penang seemed to pack more of a punch then in previous locations. I was unsure of where to next but once I heard about the Cameron Highlands, I was sold. The highlands can be found in the mountains of central Malaysia. It is home to jungles, rolling hills, tea plantations, and pleasant cooler temperatures. I was looking forward to the cooler temperatures, the pleasant backdrop, getting into the mountain air and getting to see more of the Malaysian countryside. I am going to be short winded about this part. Denise and I took a shuttle bus up into the Cameron Highlands, enjoyed two rainy days of beautiful ... read more
Our Guide Rambo Explaining Tea Things
A Street Sign
Feeding A Baby Goat

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 24th 2011

Hi again, After leaving Bangkok I arrived in Malaysia at about 1am as the plane was delayed. This wasn't such a big deal, up until I discovered the coupon system that keeps the taxi drivers honest closed at midnight, so I had to get a massively expensive taxi into town as they all seemed to have a mutual agreement not to use the meter. After going on a detour to some hotel that the driver undoubtedly would've got commission from, he reluctantly agreed to go where I had asked, and I finally got to Chinatown. Here I checked into the first and cheapest hostel, a place called Le Village. It quickly became apparent why it was the cheapest in KL, as I turned up at 2am to find all the guests still up playing poker, and ... read more
Me and Yashim at the watchtower
View from the top of Mount Brinchang
Me at the top of Mount Brinchang

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 11th 2011

So our 2nd experience exploring the Cameron Highlands definitely changed our opinion of the area….at least a little bit. We took a guided tour, which included a visit to the 2nd largest tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands, a Land Rover ride up to the highest mountain in the Cameron Highlands and a tour of the mossy forest. Our guides’ names were Wasu and his trusty sidekick Wacha or as we affectionately called him “Wildchild”. The tour of the plantation was wonderful. This was what we thought the Cameron Highlands were all about when we first decided to come here. Beautiful rolling green hills of tea plants for as far as the eye can see. The grounds were meticulously kept clean and Wasu was so knowledgeable about the plantation and tea in general that we enjoyed ... read more
view from the top of the mountain
meggie in the mossy forest
we heart tea!

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 7th 2011

Today Geoffrey and I took a guided tour to see the world's largest flower which is found deep in the jungle. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, we both came away from the experience with mixed emotions. Here's why... Our group of 16 travelers were picked up in 2 Land Rovers at about 9am this morning. Our 1st stop was at a village of a local tribe, the Orang Asi, who's main attraction is the blow dart. It turns out this "village" is actually a small construction site of numerous cookie cutter 3 bedroom brick homes that the government has kindly "given" to the tribe so that they can move out of their traditional rattan and bamboo huts. The government asked the tribe to come out of the jungle and into these new homes. Why? Well the ... read more
That's one big fleur!
Geoff and the Giant Flower

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 6th 2011

Selamat Petang! Good evening from Malaysia! We have finally made it to the Cameron highlands in Malaysia! It was a bit rough getting here but we made it. We left Ko Lipe in Thailand on a ferry at 9am on the 4th of Feb. Our 1st ferry was 2&1/2 hours and took us to the island of Langkawi. Lucky for us this ferry had a/c and traveled direct. Thank Jeebus! After a slap in the face of culture shock and a few confusing moments at the ferry port on Langkawi we boarded our 2nd ferry to the island of Penang. The travel agent in Ko Lipe told us this would be a 1/2 hour ferry but it was actually 3 hours! This meant that we would miss the last bus to the Cameron Highlands that day ... read more
Geoff on the Bus
Just some of the many plantations of the road up to Tanah Rata
Flowers hanging down in the front enterance to the guest house

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands January 27th 2011

We set off on our first bit of real traveling on Thursday Jan 20th, after a bit of a mixup with the location of the bus (note for the future, look up the day before we move on!!) we set off on 2 buses to get us to the Cameron Highlands. We arrived at around 6pm and chose Father's Guesthouse at 15 RM (around 3 pounds something) each per night in a dorm. The Cameron Highlands as the name suggests is highup in the hills so is a bit colder than KL but is still very warm during the day. It has beautiful scenary and is surrounded by rainforest. The next day we went on an organised tour in the afternoon which consisted of just Hayley and I!! This involved taking us around a tea plantation/factory ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands January 4th 2011

I arrived in the Cameron Highlands and it was cold and raining. When I booked the ticket the lady told me it was going to be cold. I laughed because I figured to the people of Malaysia 60degrees was cold. It's snowing where I'm from so I didn't think anything of the comment. Well I must have adapted to the warm temperatures myself because it was cold. The highlands are popular for trekking in the rain forest of Malaysia, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that it was raining either. I booked a tour to see the worlds largest flower. On the tour they told me it was actually a fungus, I felt betrayed, I'm not sure you can really classify that as the world's largest flower anymore. I smelled the flower, it smelt ... read more
Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands

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