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Asia » Malaysia » Negeri Sembilan » Port Dickson July 30th 2015

First off, an apology for the nearly three-week delay in getting this blog out. The funny thing about writing for a living is, well...when you're done working for the day, the last thing you want to do is sit down at your computer (again) and edit photos (again) and write (again). Even for me, who LOVES to write, it's a little bit of overkill. But fear not! I had some free time tonight (and a smattering of creativity leftover somewhere in my brain), so I thought I'd fire off an update, assure you that we're still alive and well, and send some photos along from the past few weeks. These pictures are actually "Part Two" of my last blog about Malacca. On our drive home the next day, we hugged the coastline and ended up near ... read more
Seriously...the Biggest Leaf EVER.
Cape Rachado Lighthouse
Nasi Lemak

Asia » Malaysia » Negeri Sembilan » Port Dickson November 21st 2014

We had a shorter day of motor-sailing, running along between tankers in the shipping lane, and anchored ships off Melacca, and amongst busy barges and dredges. Passed through some mild squalls (nothing over 20 knots), some preceded by rainfall in dead calm which makes for an unusual sight as the droplets bounce on the water in bright sunshine. We dropped anchor in a cute little bay just off the tip of Cape Richardo, a dark sand beach with a little pagoda stuck out on the rocks, surrounded by steep wooded slopes topped off by the lighthouse. In the next bay along was a couple of large modern hotels, one that played music into the night and the other half built with units (or just empty concrete boxes at the moment) stilted over the water. After 4 ... read more
Admiral Marina
Naomi tries some archery
Batu Caves

Asia » Malaysia » Negeri Sembilan » Kuala Pilah November 3rd 2013

(Mousoleum of Tuan Tulis)“He wrote the path to righteousness”“He was never an Imam…but the Saint of Allah” On my way to Gemas from KL, I was a bit worried that I will lose my way there. My brother Cikgu Rafdi, kept calling me “Kau kat mana sekarang?”every half hour. Taking a slow drive, passing thru few villages and I came across a small town called Tanjung Ipoh…I laughed to myself… “Sini pun ada Ipoh meh?” and to my attentive eyes on the road, I saw a signage “Makan Tuan Tulis”. “Now who can that be?” Must be someone special, with historical background, I believe. The Malay community here should know about him. But then, I just put the idea asid... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Negeri Sembilan » Port Dickson February 23rd 2012

PORT DIXON, THE GOLD COAST & THE PALM OIL AND RUBBER PLANTATIONS, SEREMBAN, NEGERI SEMBILAN, MALAYSIA. Thursday 23 February, 2012. Having had a fitful night's sleep because our bodies are still on the English clock we arose fairly early at 7.30 am. We had a quick walk around the local suburb of Serembam called Kemayan Square where our hotel was located. We soon discovered that there was not much to it so decided to head for the coast to take a look at Port Dixon. We drove through hundreds of hectares of Palm Oil and Rubber Plantations and eventually hit the coast and some beautiful unspoiled beaches. We stopped at three of these and took some pictures and watched the fishermen up to their waists in the water catching whatever sort of fish they catch. The ... read more
D on a Port Dixon Beach
The Dead Mangroves
Saujana Beach

Asia » Malaysia » Negeri Sembilan » Seremban February 22nd 2012

THE EAGLES HAVE LANDED! KULA LUMPAR, MALAYSIA. Wednesday February 22nd, 2012. Well, the 10 hour flight from Gatwick went without a hitch. It was not too full so the streetwise Ozzies who were on board quickly tried to snaffle any rows of empty seats so they could get a good night's sleep. They were moving even before we took off. One saved a row of seats for his girlfriend by taking off his belt and putting it on one seat and then held the other two seats with a menu card and in-flight magazine!! D, being a wiley old boy followed suit and plonked himself down two rows behind M with three seats to himself, leaving M with the same. After a glass of wine for both and a sleeping tablet for M a good night's ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Negeri Sembilan » Putrajaya January 29th 2012

After leaving Melaka we had a bit of time to kill before going back to our friends' house in KL. We decided to stop off at a place called Alor Gaja because the guidebook suggested it was quite nice for a short visit. We drove straight through the middle of town before we realised we had passed it by so we made a u-turn and parked up near the main square. In the middle of the square is a huge dagger but there was no plaque or anything to tell us more about it and we have failed to find anything online either! Stalls had been set up for some kind of trade fair so we didn't even see the green lawns that are supposed to be on the square somewhere. Nearby are some nice traditional ... read more
Alor Gaja
Putrajaya flags
Putra Mosque

Asia » Malaysia » Negeri Sembilan » Port Dickson August 6th 2011

nothing much to write, because my pictures say it all :) ... read more
port dickson
the trees bending down
oh my god

Asia » Malaysia » Negeri Sembilan July 5th 2009

Decided to make a trip to Broga Hill. Packed with 2 bottles of mineral water, GPS and camera. Journey started at sharp 2:30 pm. Drove along the north south express way from Sungai Besi. Topup RM100 on my touch-n-go card. Not too many vechicles along the journey. Stopped at the gas station, just after the Toll to check and ensure my tyre pressure is ok. Exit the toll at Kajang. Head towards Semenyih. At this point we started to depend on the GPS waypoint. Pass thru the town and finally reaches the junction with sign board showing University of Nottingham, Malaysia. The university which is situated not far away from this place. ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Negeri Sembilan » Port Dickson April 3rd 2009

(Day 364 on the road) I haven't posted in a while now, and there is a good reason for that: The past six weeks I have spent in one place, namely Port Dickson in Malaysia, a pretty sleepy and non-touristy seaside town about 2h south of Kuala Lumpur. I was looking to a) take a break from constantly being on the move, b) I wanted to play golf, and c) I wanted a place by the sea. I found the perfect place here in PD (as the locals call it), and have rented a nice apartment in a residential complex, complete with swimming pool, washing machine, satellite TV, balcony and on-site restaurant. The place is literally 200 meters away from the Port Dickson Golf & Country Clubon the one side and 200 meters from the ocean ... read more
Swim wear Malaysian style
At the prime minister's niece party
Consertavive Muslism - or Koreans playing golf?

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