Our 1st Adventure! =) Ayyyeeehaaaa!

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September 14th 2007
Published: September 14th 2007
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Way to Go, Beach! =)Way to Go, Beach! =)Way to Go, Beach! =)

Lots and lotsa girlie fun!
Ahoy, mate! =)

It' approximately 9:34 a.m. on my watch. Tick, tock, tick, tock, I can't wait for 12 o'clock. =) The journey is a simple one, just to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, but it will be our first - together! Ilya & Ilis! We are going to conquer the map of the world as part of our life mission.

InsyaAllah, instantly, pictures will be updated soon after the trip, we'll definitely upload it tonight. No guys on the trip, nobody whatsoever! Just our two crazy heads! Just the two of us! Now, now, I've really packed our bathing attires, mask, scrub, (ooopsss...i think i forgot to bring my towel...) - small matter for jack sparrow...kihkihkih! We rock, rock, rock so hard, til we melt in the Sun, today.

And oh, yes. It's the 2nd of Ramadhan. Hope Allah SWT bless us on whatever we do. InsyaAllah, we will not do unlawful things, just bathing in the sun, baby! Wish I can wear the skimpiest bikini...but...hai...tak boleh lah lebih lebih, kan...ini kan bulan pose....

Can't wait to go! 2 hours 30 minutes to go! Ayyyyeeehaaa!!


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