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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 16th 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! This day went off quite well I'd say even though it got a bit chaotic when I reached Kuala Lumpur but I'll get to that later. I started early today, going up together with Bruce and Cindy as she went to work. I went with them to where she meets her co-workers for a car-pool across the causeway to Singapore, it's incidentally also the spot where the buses collect their passengers. Bruce went with me to the different vendors and we found a good ticket to Malacca. There aren't joined vendors here but every company have their own small office but the prices don't differ much between them. The bus was right on time and two hours later I stepped off in a very sunny and warm Malacca. The bus terminal here ... read more
Maritime Museum
Fort A Famosa
Saint Paul's Church

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 4th 2015

Malakka Am letzten Tag des Jahres 2014 kommen wir am späten Nachmittag in Malakka an und machen es uns im Hotel erst einmal bequem. Schon ziemlich später (gegen 20:00 Uhr) fällt uns dann ganz plötzlich ein, dass ja heute auch noch Silvester ist. Wir verfallen beide in einen Lachanfall. Erst haben wir beim Reisen die Wochentage vergessen und jetzt auch noch Silvester. . . Wir schmeißen uns in unsere besten Klamotten, gehen in die Altstadt und warten auf eine Inspiration, wie wir diesen Tag angemessen feiern können. Wir kommen vorbei an der St. Francis Xavier Church, einer christlichen Kirche, in der wir kurz mit dem Pfarrer reden und spazieren weiter nach China Town. Nach langer Suche kommt uns ein kleines romantisches Restaurant direkt am Flussufer in den Sinn, bei dem wir auf dem Weg nach Chinatown ... read more
auf dem St. Pauls Hill
Church of St. Franzis Xavier
The Clocktower

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City December 15th 2014

I was a bit skeptical about Taming Sari, but people I'd met on my walking tour convinced me that it was worth visiting. I wasn't sure how much I'd really like it or how good the views would be from the top, but on my final day in Melaka, it seemed like something fun to do. The weather was clear and I was really curious how much I could see. Not going on a weekend was a good choice. I'd seen the lines the day before (very long) but I only had to wait about ten minutes. Before you go up they take your photo (so they can digitally impose it with a scenic background and try to sell it to you) and the family before me in line wanted me in their photo! The parents ... read more
View from the top
View from the top
View from the top

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City December 13th 2014

I took the free walking tour offered by the tourism bureau and it was well worth getting up early on a Saturday for! It's offered three times a week and starts promptly at 930. (They highly suggest you sign in before 915, though.) The good news is that you can spend the extra time chatting with fellow travelers and enjoying air conditioning. I had a lovely tour guide who made the experience educational and memorable. We started along the river, standing in the shade while she pointed out various things along the river and talked about the history of the city. We progressed to Dutch Square (aka The Red Buildings), the church on the hill, and then back down to the fort, a former palace, and Independence Hall. While we didn't go in any of the ... read more
On the tour--along the river
The statues represent Melaka's creation story
Built to honor the Queen of the times

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City December 13th 2014

The Baba Nyonya museum and the Straights Chinese Jewelry museum are located close to each other, just one block off of Jonker Street. Both are well worth a visit, though the jewelry museum will probably be less crowded. The Baba Nyonya museum is in 3 old houses that are still owned by the original family! Baba Nyonya refers to a specific group of people in Melaka. Over one hundred years ago, Melaka was a huge trade port and over 80 languages were spoken! During this time, many men came from China (Baba) and married local women (Nyonya), resulting in families that still maintain a special culture to this day. One of these families lived in these three houses/museum. The family still uses the house for big gatherings, so personal touches are throughout the; it feels more ... read more
In house #3
House #3

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City December 12th 2014

Every weekend evening, Friday--Sunday, Jonker Street turns itself from a quaint, historic area into an area teeming with life. Every inch of space is used by hawkers, vendors, and shoppers. I tend to like night markets to I decided to check it out. This night market is unlike others I've been to. It's probably the only one I've been to that isn't selling the same scarves (that I bought in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam--because they're "unique!"), jewelry, or decorative paper lamps. It does, however, have a wide variety of clothing, toys, and my favorite, FOOD. (Okay, food at a night market isn't unusual.) I wasn't looking to buy anything except dinner, so my friend and I went from table to table seeing what was available. Some of it I'd seen before, but most of it was ... read more
So.  Many. People.
Looks good!

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City December 11th 2014

School's out and it's time for me to hit the road! In years past, I've always taken a few flights, buses, and other assorted forms of transportation to far flung places around Asia. Not this year. I decided to take a road trip--something I've wanted to do for well over a decade--and drive around western Malaysia. Western Malaysia wouldn't be affected by the floods or monsoon rains like the east coast, and besides, I have a car! Seems like I should put this opportunity to good use. Once I received my passport back from immigration (with my shiny, new visa), I spent one day planning and booking hotels, looking up maps, and deciding what to pack. I think it's the shortest amount of time I've ever spent planning a trip. The plan was to start in ... read more
Mmmm, looks good!
Around Town
Around Town

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City November 17th 2014

We took a taxi to the southern bus station in Kuala Lumpur where we were to catch a bus for the two hour trip to Melaka (or Malacca - both versions seem to be in use). We had visited the city over ten years previously and were expecting to see many changes. Certainly the bus station in KL was very different - a massive gleaming building which was a complete contrast to the old run down central station. It was a boring trip as the scenery was unspectacular and we were pleased to arrive in Melaka which had certainly grown though the old town appeared to have retained much of it's charm. The bus terminal was certainly very different - last time we were there the bus depot was a shack on a muddy block of ... read more
Trishaws on Dutch Square
Kampung Morten as seen from our hotel window
Mosque in Kampung Morten

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka October 13th 2014

You can’t help but get a feeling of what used to be in Melaka. It was such an important port for the whole of South East Asia and played a huge roll in the development of this region but now all of that seems to be dead. This change is even evident in the name of the town as nobody seems to use the original spelling anymore. In honour of the great colonial port it once was, I will use the original spelling that the locals still use - Malacca. We took the bus from the TBS terminal in Kuala Lumpur to Malacca at 5:45pm on a Friday evening. We hadn’t booked this and there were many buses doing this route so I would not worry about pre-booking. The bus terminal has just been renovated and ... read more
Big Red Church
Happy Malacca
Busy Town Centre

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City October 5th 2014

Saturday morning we were excited to sleep in a bit.... we were leaving at 9am with our new driver as opposed to 6am which was recommended by our no-show driver. I actually liked our driver, who seemed enthusiastic to talk about his country. Jamie was not impressed. I felt bad for him. We had two other guys in the car - an old Aussie and a young indonesian - we were trying to figure out their relationship.... So, our driver lets us out in Melacca to enjoy the rest of the day, even though it was crazy busy for the Eid festivities. He had wanted to get us lunch, as part of the tour, but Jamie didn't want to deal with him and asked him for our money instead. Man, I really did feel bad for ... read more
Love the Dutch architecture within this Asian city
Yes, we did
We finished The Cage, but not in time...

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