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November 1st 2009
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Melacca is an old ex colonial town on the west coast of Malaysia that overlooks the famous Melacca straights, a really important trade route since the 1400s. So as you might expect it has been controlled by various European powers - firstly the Portuguese, then the Dutch, and finally us lot! All this considered the town is something of a melting pot architecturally and cuturally.

Anyway history lesson over! I am staying at a place called Shirah's Guesthouse owned by an Indian guys who calls himself Steve! We were greeted (Pontus and myself) with a beers and a joint and a little tour of the tv room and rooftop. Sweet. So the tourist bit then. Went out on the night river cruise, which was beautiful, with lots of the river side lit up. The trishaws (3 wheel cycle taxis for tourists) are hillarious. They are amazingly decorated with flowers and pump out really bad pop music from the car stereos their owners have installed.

Yesterday we did the museum thing which wasnt that exciting, thought the musuem of body beauty through mutilation was interesting, showing pictures of long next tribes and ritual scarification. In the evening it was off to the huge tower ride thing. As you know I am not too great with heights but I was ok. Its a big disc attached to an pole that comes down to ground level and then transports you 50 metres up over the city. Doesnt sounds that high but it felt it, and the view was cool. Also walked around Chinatown, which has to be best one Ive seen so far. Loads of tiny old buildings all squashed together, with a really authenticate old world vibe. Went into some great antiques stores and bought myself some RayBans for 3 quids - they may not be genuine 😊

Today I have been loafing with an American girl called Heather, she's cool in a loud American kinda way. Pontus has headed of to KL to catch a flight to Bangladesh, so tomorrow I become lone traveller again and hot foot it to Penang - 8 hour coach trip. Tonight the guesthouse owner Steve is sorting us out with a few games of Pool and some cheap whiskey, if he can stay off the bong that is!

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dressed up trishawsdressed up trishaws
dressed up trishaws

these pump out a variety of tunes from techno to pop
melacca citymelacca city
melacca city

looking out to the famous straights of melaka
snake skinsnake skin
snake skin

not sure who i felt more sorry, for the kid or the sanke
depiction of a malay weddingdepiction of a malay wedding
depiction of a malay wedding

the groom looks worried to me!
ready to go up the towerready to go up the tower
ready to go up the tower

not nervous at all
guesthouse owner steveguesthouse owner steve
guesthouse owner steve

dressed as a cleaning ninja
local guitaristslocal guitarists
local guitarists

they played boyzone

4th November 2009

You need a shave!
9th November 2009

well you certainly look like you are having good time,hope so,do like the trishaws ha ha music while you cycle ,nice one .looks lovely by the river at night !keep on trecking n njoying love mum n sarn xxxxxxx

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