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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 15th 2013

On our first morning in Kuala Lumpur we ventured out of the Swiss Inn Hotel and into the mind-spinning kaleidoscope of Chinatown. One of the first things we came upon was several street vendors selling garlands of marigolds, which made us think "Hindu celebration" and then we spotted the extremely ornate Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple, one of the very oldest in Kuala Lumpur. I felt I was channeling our friend Selvaraj as we approached it and were encouraged to go inside, first depositing our shoes at the shoe-holding booth. Amazing place! It was a Friday and a service was going on, so of course no photos inside, but later we went back and took some from the outside, as you can see. Kuala Lumpur is a sparkling city crowded with new high-rise buildings of all ... read more
Ganesh detail on temple
Temple in urban context S
KL Bus terminal

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 2nd 2013

Malacca or Melaka however u wish to spell it is our first stop In Malaysia so were both pretty excited to see what it has to offer, after we arrived In one piece (just about ) at our new hostel we settled in, the hostel is pretty cool very minimalist which I love and on a quite back road just off the main drag. We arrived on a Sunday and the main attraction in malacca is the weekend market so we were just in time, so that evening we headed down to the market and decided to start at the food end as we where both starving from a day of traveling. There where loads of food stalls lining the road and all the food looked amazing we just weren't sure what any of it was ... read more
Sultans Palace
St pauls Church
Our hostel (Blue door)

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City July 17th 2013

Melaka, formerly known as Malacca was colonized by The Portuguese, Dutch and The British from 1400 until 1957. Melaka was the important trading port, strategically located in the South East Asia, all because of the Three "G"s. Gold, Glory and God. Today, Melaka is named UNESCO World Heritage. A busy city with two million pairs of legs. Traffic is bad on weekends. Jonker Street became Chinatown took over Bunga Raya Road (the original Chinatown, now a sleepy road during the nights). Gosh! How I missed the oldies played from the Jukebox and ice kacang (shaved ice dessert) It was in the sixties, when I was less than ten years old. Melaka has become wider and bigger due to numerous reclaiming the land. I always joke with my friends that this reclaiming land one day will join ... read more
Popiah Making
Popiah Seller
Wooden Buckets

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City May 12th 2013

After catching an early bus that we had booked on-line paid for by Paypal and had delivered by SMS to our Singtel phone (very technologically competent, I know), we caught a bus and then the metro to the coach stop. After a mad dash due to missing the first bus from Farrah's by the skin of our teeth, we got on the KPB Bus headed for Malaysia! The bus had huge reclining seats and we happily whiled away the journey listening to Friday Night Comedy from the BBC aka the News Quiz. I do like Sandy Toksvig, I must say. I had booked us into Tony's Guesthouse in Malacca (or Melaka depending on which country you come from), through HostelBookers which came with the added benefit of some fairly good walking directions from the memorial clock ... read more
The Dutch Fort, Melaka
Melaka River
Jonker Street

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City April 14th 2013

Maybe it’s the heaviness of the wood, the solidness of the brass. Perhaps it’s the feel of the glass in your hand, the smoke of the mirror or the muffled corner conversations that you can only hear the good parts of. Perhaps it’s the smell of the liquor itself, faintly sweet, or the salty sea breeze that floats casually through the curtained window somewhere near the door. Perhaps it’s the way the bar stool fits you just right, shaped by some chair artist fifty years ago when they knew how to build them right. Perhaps it’s the light cast by the globed lamps, mounted correctly on the wall next to the mirror behind the bar so the light is reflected from the smoky glass and doesn’t hit you straight in the face or maybe it’s the ... read more
Melaka Man
Melaka Alley
Trishaw Tourist

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City April 7th 2013

Having searched bus routes from KL to Melaka online, I decided to take the taxi to the airport with Sophie, then take a bus from the airport, since buses apparently depart from there. Or not. I got to KLIA to find that I needed to take another bus to KCCT, then take the Melaka bus from there. I waited with Sophie for a while, then took the bus. Arriving at KCCT, I wandered around trying to find the ticket booth, only to discover that it was in an area marked 'no entry'. Go figure. I finally bought my ticket, and then settled down at Coffee Bean coffee shop for the two hour wait. The bus took around two and a half hours, then I took a taxi to Rooftop Guesthouse. The manager, Mani, gave me a ... read more
River walk
The view from the sky tower don't have to put on the red light....

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City April 6th 2013

It seems that there are 3 types of buses in Malaysia, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class. Your choice of bus is probably decided by how much money you have, but should probably be decided by what you are willing to endure. 1st class buses are generally clean and new and have the basic agenda of getting you to where you scheduled to go on time. You can sleep or look out the window from the second deck and enjoy the air conditioning and movies or game console that is provided. 2nd class buses have air conditioning but no bathroom and will definitely get you to where you are going eventually, although you may or may not arrive on the same bus as you left on. They are much cheaper than 1st class, and there is a ... read more
Melaka Mailbox
Melaka Cafe
Malaysia Muscle Man

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 25th 2013

Malacca is about 3 hours bus ride from Singapore. Our guide was a tall, Chinese guy who sang for us, told us stories and the best is every time we collected to board the bus, he was busy head counting as if we were little children. It is rare to see such warmth and dedication in Singapore at least. We started off early with a good breakfast of dosa and pudina (mint) chutney and then stopped for lunch. Well, the glasses for lunch were dirty with water marks. We asked the waiter to wash again and he returned with the same marks. Following lunch, we heading for a biscuit factory and then sight- seeing. It was hot day. The town square had fountains and even a stationary Dutch windmill. A church stood elegantly in the square. ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 6th 2013

I left Singapore and after a four hour bus ride crossed into Malaysia and my first stop Melaka. I passed through here about 15 years ago and like alot of places I've revisited its changed alot. In 2006 it became a world heritage site and has been pushing tourism hard ever since. Theres a river bank walk all lined with bars and restaurants a hard rock cafe and i'm sure if I looked hard enough a starbucks. I stayed near Jonkers st which last time I came was full of antique and junk shops but theres only a few left now most of it has been turned over to less interesting but more profitable shops aimed at tourists. Having said that I still liked the place, food is good and cheap although beer comes in at ... read more
Temple roof Melaka
Temple Melaka
Petronas Towers KL

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 21st 2013

I mentioned some of this in the last blog but I am able to upload the photos now. I really liked this city, very pretty and quite a few things to see. I did a fair bit of cycling and going along the river on the last day was a real pleasure. I shall add some descriptions to the photos. Left on Wednesday 20th.... read more

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