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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 21st 2013

I mentioned some of this in the last blog but I am able to upload the photos now. I really liked this city, very pretty and quite a few things to see. I did a fair bit of cycling and going along the river on the last day was a real pleasure. I shall add some descriptions to the photos. Left on Wednesday 20th.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 17th 2013

History Melaka is and old town on the Strait of Melaka (The span of water that seperates pensular Malaysia with Sumatra.) It was founded in 1400 A.D by a Sumatran Prince that fled Sumatra (Though there was a fishing village there inhabited by the Orang Luat.) The popular myth is that the prince (named Parameswara) was resting under a tree and one of his hunting dogs was kicked by a mouse deer. The Prince took as a good omen to build a city in that spot, he then named the city Melaka after the Melaka tree he was sitting under. The City managed to make ships come there by paying_____ to neigboring kingdoms and establishing warehouses. After a while, Melaka grew into a major port due to its location on the Straits of Melaka. Melaka also ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 27th 2013

The guy you’re sharing a drink with at the bar is smoking a cigarette complaining about how smoky it is. How passive smoke is not only ghastly, but that it can create very real long-term health problems for those who breathe it, including cancer. “They’re killing everyone in here with their bloody smoking,” he blasts. As he takes another drag on his cigarette he derides the chain smoker over in the corner, the group of ladies at the bar who light up together as one of them passes round a packet for the others to share. Then there is the cigar smoker, who creates twice the cloud without even inhaling. He says he should give up himself, but somehow his smoking isn’t as harmful to him or others… perhaps because he smokes lights, or that he ... read more
Singapore Flyer
Singapore Nights
Kiva at the pool

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 7th 2013

After three weeks resting back home, I'm finally back on the road again! This time I'm starting Southeast Asian Part Deux by heading up north by bus into Peninsular Malaysia. The plan is to keep heading north overland until I finally hit Bangkok again, where I intend to spend some time continuing my Thai lessons. Anyway, first stop, Melaka! A pretty little Unesco World Heritage city in Southwest Peninsular Malaysia. I was almost ashamed when I told my friends I'd never been there before. It's one of those places that almost all Singaporeans go when they're young, to sample their famous Chicken Rice Balls, since it's just about a 3-4h ride away. Alas I never had the privilege of visiting this part of our northern neighbours when I was little, so this stop kinda fulfilled that ... read more
Dear Fellow Singaporean Readers
Melakan Sunset
Melakan Chicken Rice Balls

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 7th 2013

You know how you have times where you made a plan, but due to unforeseen circumstances, or in my case, just plain foolishness, it fell through and you are left with this gap which you need to fill up in another way. Well, my aim was to spend my time in peninsular Malaysia on the east-coast, because I hadn't seen that part yet. I figured I would go to the Perhentians and chill out there, do a dive and then move on down the coast, stopping in various little hamlets, go to Taman Negara and do a jungle hike, then end up on the Tioman Islands before flying on to Kuching in Sarawak. What I didn't check was what the weather would be like this time of year on that coast. As it turned out, this ... read more
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 3rd 2013

Budicek 7/15,konecne ranna hygiena,pobalenie sa a odchod na vlak zo starej zel.stanice Kuala Lumpur na Bandar tasik selatan zastavaku,je to piata zastavka. Na perone som sa pre istotu opytal ci nasadam na spravny vlak,jasne,ze nie,moj isol az o 5 minut. Vlak bol prazdny. Na ranajky som si este pred odchodom dal klasiku nasi lemak. Na bus stanici Terminal Bersepadu Selatan bolo vsetko perfektne znacene,som si pripadal ako na lestisku. Na velkej digitalnej tabuli som kukol odchody busov do Melaky,isli dva o 9/00. Vybral som sa do prveho okienka,cena 9r,zobral som to bez toho aby som isiel zistovat dalsiu cenu. Tetula chcela odo mna este moje meno,co mi napisala na listok,Listky su tu na meno ale nikto to nekontroluje. Meno som jej vyhlaskoval,,moja blba anglina skomolila moje moeno na Juarem. S listkom som siel k nastupisku,najskor ma ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 3rd 2013

Today we departed KL for a city in the south called Malacca. A colleague from work had recommended we visit this city as it has a very interesting historical background. Malacca was invaded by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British and the buildings in the old city show different architectural features depending upon the period in which they were built. Malacca is a 'quaint' city with cobbled narrow streets and is small enough that you can hear the Qur'an readings from the Mosque all around - this brought back very fond memories from my childhood! Our hotel is beautiful, an elegant room with a four poster bed, set off a pretty courtyard... Looks like it'll be street food for us again!?!? Baileys bit: The bus terminal in KL is ... read more
Fort A Famosa: Portuguese
Christ Church
St. Paul's Church and British lighthouse

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 2nd 2013

Today we arrived in Malaka. I haven't had any time to look around yet, but I can already tell there is a difference. I think I might miss Singapore a bit. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to get to explore Malaysia. I just was starting to feel confident in Singapore. I knew how to get around and i knew where to eat. I think I am also going to miss the bathrooms. When I was packing for the trip I read over the items we were instructed to bring and I started to get nervose. I wondered how bad the bathrooms would be that I'd need to carry my own toilet paper and hand sanitizer. I wondered how dirty and mucky it would be that I'd need tons of pills and medicaiton for ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City December 9th 2012

Headed down for a short weekend gateway with my loved one, just a short 6 hours bus journey from Singapore. Stayed near the riverside and the iconic Jonker street, which we basically spent most of our time wandering around and looking for interesting things to get. Managed to try the 'legendary' chicken rice balls in which Malacca is famous for. Well, it is definitely within expectations, especially for a chicken-rice-lover like me, though I have heard friends who aren't impressed by the standards. But any stall along jonker street will bring you a decent plate that will make your lunch/dinner more than filling. A thing to note though, by 6pm-ish, the stalls that open during the day starts to close and pushcarts and night stalls started sprawling out from seemingly nowhere (lol) and before we knew ... read more
The riverside

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City November 17th 2012

Ok so the bus wasn't too bad and we actually made it up to Melaka in 4 hrs and we did it with the pissin rain style again. First impressions as we drove into Melaka were not good. The outskirts of the city are pretty run down and the taxi guy who dropped us to our hotel had to untie the rope on his boot to open it up. When we arrived downtown to our hotel everything started to pick up. Hotel is much nicer than what we had in Singapore, the only issue is that they are doing it up at the moment so when we got into our room it stinked of paint. The smell was gone after a day so instead of getting high on the fumes we hit the town for a ... read more
shopping mall

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