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May 28th 2015
Published: May 28th 2015
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Ahhhhh costal town with sea air and a cheap hostel, perfect for a couple of days after the crazy time in Kuala Lumpur. Malacca is the place where all history of Malaysia and the British colonial times started and it was a place that I would happily have stayed on for a few more days/weeks.

After getting the bus from KL I arrived at Malacca Central bus Station with no idea where I was going and where I was staying with the brilliant idea of finding somewhere when I got there. As ever there were backpackers and one started lighting a cigarette as soon as we got off the bus, good sign! Sami was from Switzerland and like me he had not booked a hostel but had a rough idea of where he was heading so like a lap dog, I followed him. An interesting bloke in that he had been travelling most of Asia and was not sure what to expect from this new place. We got off the local bus into old town Malacca and we sort of went to the belief that we should go looking for a hostel together, and ended up sharing a twin room! So now I had a travelling companion for the next couple of days. Food was high on the agenda and went to the local cafe for chicken and rice which seems to be my local diet for the whole of Asia! We then took a walk to explore looking at various sights and you can tell from the town that there was a lot of Dutch and British influences and buildings that had stood the test of time. After a day of travelling and walking it was time to test out the beer and found a place on the river called Reggae bar. Cheap, friendly and the owner was drunk, even better! He wasted no time in getting us as much beer as we wanted and even though I wanted to stay out and carry on till I dropped my eyes were telling me NO, GO TO BED! So off we went!

The next morning Sami had the ‘brilliant’ idea of hiring bikes and getting out and about to the various places that were on the map! Exercise at last ha ha…. We went to a museum that was a boat on the river which told you the full history of Malacca and from there you get the history of Malaysia. Hard to believe how important the place was in trading in Asia and then with wars involving the dutch and then the British the town was never the same. Maybe if history had been a bit different Malacca could have been another Singapore, who knows! Back onto the bikes and onto forts, castles and historic Malacca. It was a full day of history involving sitting astride cannons, looking at gravestones and fending off locals trying to sell the usual wares.

On the night it was back to the Reggae bar and we stumbled on a birthday party for a local who we obviously joined in with but they left not long after to carry on the celebrations at one of their houses. We thought best to stay at the bar and carry on drinking with a less drunker owner for the night before. He remembered us and had carried out his promise to give us half price drinks, we now loved the place even more! Plus this was my last night in Malaysia before heading off to Singapore.

On reflection of the country I have to say Malacca was my favourite place, the islands were nice to be in but too touristy and expensive, Cameron Highlands was a nice break to be cold and KL was just too crazy and busy. Malacca had a charm to it, it was clean, interesting and still able to party. So 8 countries down it was time to learn a new country and get a new Sim card!


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