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January 9th 2011
Published: January 13th 2011
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Malacca. It is old Malaysia. Not the ultra-modern Kuala Lumpur, the capital. But Malacca or Melaka, with vestiges of its Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and British influences. The place is so ethnically diverse -- the stuff that makes it legendary. And speaking of legends, Hang Tuah is one legendary warrior/hero who lived during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah of the Sultanate of Malacca i... Read Full Entry

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Atop Bukit St. Paul: LOS in backgroundAtop Bukit St. Paul: LOS in background
Atop Bukit St. Paul: LOS in background

Legend of the Seas (LOS) not so clear in the background. But it's there!
My Little Girl is Now 13My Little Girl is Now 13
My Little Girl is Now 13

I love photos. I love cameras. Somehow, it gives one a chance to hold everything still. Wait till Patricia sees this photo when she's all grown up.
Rickshaw, anyone?Rickshaw, anyone?
Rickshaw, anyone?

Martin said passengers might sneeze with all those flowers!
Mamu made it, YIPEE!Mamu made it, YIPEE!
Mamu made it, YIPEE!

Martin just had to ask me to do this.....

13th January 2011

Fascinating blog, thanks! The place looks lovely, although spectacularly un-Asian! All those European influences really show. Even the Sultanate Palace looks like a large country house here in Russia!
14th January 2011

Malacca does have a European feel
We couldn't believe how European Malacca felt when we went...it was a very strange feeling, but then again Malaysia is very British feeling anyway! It's a shame you didn't get a chance to eat the rice balls which Malacca is famous for. We tried them and just found them plain weird - maybe on your next visit?! You should have just rolled your family up and down the hill after eating your huge buffet breakfast!! Happy travels Donna and Neil
14th January 2011

rice balls
@Donna and Neil: We did find the place along Jonker street but the line for those rice balls was way too long! Had a feeling all passengers off the ship queued up for those balls. Maybe next time :)
6th June 2013

Been there last holy week and it's a nice place. We visited Melaka after Kuala Lumpur then we took the bus to Singapore. I love Casa del Rio along Melaka River. Bukit St. Paul is very similar to Macau's "Ruins of St Paul". They even have a smaller counterpart of our Intramuros (Theirs is Fort of Melaka and Porta de Santiago). I'm so impressed of how they converted Melaka River into a tourist attraction which our country could also replicate for our Pasig River. Ours is even bigger in width and more lengthy than Melaka River. I think our D.O.T. has so much tp learn from Melaka in terms of how they have developed and protected their heritage sites and made them tourism haven.
6th June 2013

Agree 100%!
I hear ya, Floro. I likewise lament how so little is being done to our heritage sites. And I don't mean that in terms of appearances alone. Our school system needs to instill that sense of nation to the children too.

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