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June 7th 2010
Published: June 25th 2010
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Luckily since the lens of my camera had defogged itself in the hot room during the night I could take some snaps during my daytrip to Melaka. I left my bags in the lobby as I finally managed to sort out a dorm but before 12 no check-ins are permitted. I walked to the Carrefour for an ice coffee and the vendor next door who made my breakfast, Roti Pisang (banana Roti-similar to naan). The bus to the station took about half an hour, as soon as I got there I went to the ticket stand for transnational, a company recommended to me, I got my return ticket to Melaka and my ticket for Penang my next stop. I waited by the platform one of the station stewards pointed along the way pointed out. with 5 minutes to spare I checked with one of the officials at the stand who told me id missed the bus and would have to buy new tickets, after a chat he reissued my ticket for the next bus an hour later and so I made my way to Melaka. The town is full of museums including the ethnography, maritime and architecture museums. there are the remains of St. Pauls church on a site called Pauls hill, this was at one time in the centre of a Dutch fortress which was later demolished by the British for fear it could be used against them. A more apt description is that all traces of the fort with exception of 2 canons and a section of wall were obliterated. The maritime museum was better than id expected with a scale replica of a Portuguese galleon which contains displays and artwork depicting the history of the area. The centre museum building continues this theme and then deviates to show the effects of modern lifestyles on thee marine ecosystems in Malaysia. I went for a drink at the perfect time, as I sat the heavens opened and it poured for an hour during which I used the internet and discovered, thanks to an email from the dive school, that id booked a flight to an airport a mere 9hr drive from where I wanted to be. It’s not the end of the world I thought I can reorganise the diving, at least I was on the right island. When I got back to Kuala Lumpur I went straight to PETRONAS to take some decent pictures since I was leaving for Penang the following day.


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