Langkawi 25th March 2008

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March 25th 2008
Published: March 30th 2008
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lankawi 2503 1lankawi 2503 1lankawi 2503 1

View of Tengah beach

Langkawi 25th March 2008

As I'm over 3 months behind on my blogs, i thought I'd enter some up to date blogs and work backwards so you have more current info on what I'm up to!

Alarm went off for the reception in the KL hostel at 5am and woke me from my deep sleep. Decided to get up as my alarm was due to go off in 5 minutes anyway. Thankfully I was all organized and packed ready for my flight to Langkawi.

Made a quick cup of tea and checked my emails before i set off. Checked the weather outside, looked dry and noticed a taxi parked up outside. Left my nice brew and set off. On way out a big rat run straight in front of me and down into the gutters. The taxi driver was fast asleep and he jumped out of his skin when i banged on the window.

Taxi took me to sentral bus station and definitely took the long route. Luckily traffic wasn't busy so i got to the station in good time. It was only 6RM, was going to give him 8 RM but he said flat
langkawi 2503 2langkawi 2503 2langkawi 2503 2

View of Cenang, the slightly busier neighbour of tengah
rate of 10RM for before 6am. Think he was full of shit and I got conned. I wasn't going to argue over 50pence!!!! Soon as i got out of the taxi i got the expected ambush from all the ticket touts for the shuttle service to the airport.

No drama's on route or at the airport. Had a mcdonalds breakfast which was a really nice change to all the rice and noodles i'd been having. The flight was less than an hour and i had collected my bags, was out of langkawi airport and with my pre-arranged taxi driver by 9.30am. It was so cool having a guy stood at arrivals with a board with your name on it. Ive always wanted for that to happen.

Zackery Hostel was very basic but very clean. The owners and staff are really nice and friendly and will do anything to assist you in anything they can help with.

Went for a walk into town (tegah and Cenang) and along the beaches. The beaches are nice (nothing special), the water is nice but a bit murky and there are lots of palm trees, some beach huts, bungalows and upper class
langlawi 2503 3langlawi 2503 3langlawi 2503 3

Cenang beach
resorts, restaurants etc etc - the usual stuff. This place is nice but nowhere near as beautiful as the heavenly perhinthians. Chilled on the beach for a bit, took some photo's then went and bought some beers from the supermarket. As its duty free over here....Can of tiger beer 25p (heaven!)

From there went back to hostel organised my boat trip to ko lipe for Thursday 118RM (£18), tried to organize accommodation but all the guest houses were engaged or would not connect. I did later find out from one of the workers at the hostel that Lipe do not reserve accommodation. You have to just turn up and hope to find something. Could be on the beach!. Should be fun!

Went for some dinner at 4pm. Zac, owner of hostel recommended the cactus down the road. It didn't let me down. Had satay sticks for starters - 10 sticks for 80p. And they were the best ever, soooo good! Then Thai fried rice for main - that was a whopping £1. Had 2 tiger beers to which cost a total of $1.20. The people at the restaurant were really cool, chatty and friendly so stayed there for a bit chatting away about the island and football.


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