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January 31st 2013
Published: January 31st 2013
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yeah girls let's move!
Day 1
I was on night shift and finished at 7 making me a crazy runner. Back home i tried finishing off my packing, before hoisting my bags and preparing to leave our home. We checked out at 8.30 and it looked as if we had dragged our poor kitten, Wilbur together on the trip, caged along the way to Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


Almost 5 hours on the road, we came to our destination-JOHOR BAHRU (JB)!

Johore/Johor Bahru; abbreviated as JB) is the capital city of Johor in southern Malaysia, the second most populous city in Malaysia and the most populous city in southern Malaysia. Johor Bahru is the southern most city of the Eurasian mainland. You can find so many Singaporeans here.


Austin Heights, Golf and Country Resort, located only 15 kilometers from the Johor checkpoint and close to the center of Johor City. At first we had no idea its location.

Mariani, my Sabahan housemate had decided to drop by at her old friend's house in JB, with Bella's help, we found the place. Bella-willingly showing us the way to the resort. To my surprise, from the entrance one cannot help
Breakfast of the dayBreakfast of the dayBreakfast of the day

Breakfast at McDonalds is always a good heart starter...for three of us :p
but to notice huge help panoramic view of the huge white imposing building sitting on top of Austin Hill.

Then we proceeded our tour. My housemate, Mariani was the old timer. She had been living in JB quite a long time. Our car traveled all over the town and my eyes kept capturing everything.


It's fair enough to have a nice hotel with special accommodations provided after spending hours on the road. We had booked a room and to my surprise it did satisfy me with that spacious room with two king sized beds.

However, only 2 persons are allowed to swim for each room in the swimming pool!! my housemate, Suez Mohd and I went swimming the next day before leaving. And Mariani went for her private moment -->Jacuzzi and she really enjoyed it. It fell on a weekday, so I could hardly see people go in and out from the hotel. There were only the hotel staffs and the clubhouse golf workers in the hotel area.

Talking about the swimming pool, the 3rd person has to pay to use it ,as well as the jacuzzi and sauna service. No water pipe in
the happiest smiley in real human version!!! :pthe happiest smiley in real human version!!! :pthe happiest smiley in real human version!!! :p

:: restricted area to put on smile!!!
the toilet. I had to use tissue for cleaning and it really made me feel uncomfortable. Thank God there were glasses in the washroom. Hahaha...Can u imagine what's on my mind?

Overall, it's quite unpleasant experience as the service and management are poor.
I really hope the management people can make some improvement upon the service and accommodations of the hotel.


Day 2
As we planned earlier, we went to Johor Premium Outlets. It is located in Kulaijaya,JB.

From Kuala Lumpur → Lebuhraya Utara Selatan → Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia Singapura → Exit 253 → Exit 304 → Exit 302A → Johor Premium Outlets

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1st February 2013

Three's Company
Never seen three girls in eye glasses in a picture together, lovely though!
5th April 2014

Just found your blog. Hope you will be writing again soon.

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