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August 21st 2006
Published: August 21st 2006
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So since Kuala Lumpur, we stayed in Manila and in Bohol, where we did the scuba diving you saw pictures of. Ate lots of seafood, met a bunch of interesting people. Oh - this entry is gonna be short cuz I don't have much time right now.

On Bohol we also went to the Chocolate Hills, visited an old church, and saw tarsiers, which are the smallest primates in the world. Then we returned to Manila, and spent the day at the big shopping mall across from our hotel. We didn''t really do much in Manila, because it's a pain in the ass city where everyone tries to rip you off - especially cab drivers.

Pam and I said our goodbyes, which finally leaves me to travel on my own. I was pretty nervous at first because I had no idea what I would do when I got to Macau - I don't have a guidebook or anything. And of course, I was really sad to see her go and to be by myself.

I met a guy named Adeh on the plane ride, and it turns out he went to Stanford, got mixed up in the dot-com boom and bust, and decided to go to China for a year and teach English. And he hasn't gone back since. He offered me a place to stay if I were to go to Guangzhou from Macau, since he has an extra room until the end of the month. But I'll be flying to Bangkok tomorrow, so I won't get to take him up on that offer. He showed me pictures of Tibet, too, which looks beautiful. I may have to stick around and go with Ryan when he gets his October vacation.

Macau is a nice place, I guess. It is the same contradiction after contradiction that I mentioned about China, which since it's Chinese makes sense. I've just been walking more or less aimlessly through the city and have managed to see much of it in just a couple of hours. Then I also decided to stop in and check my email at the tourist center - the only place I can figrue out that has internet access here (but it's free!).

Well, this is where the adventure begins. I'll do some more touring today, and then maybe hit the casinos tonight. Tomorrow to Bangkok, and then from there south to Chaiya (near Surat Thani) where I'll attempt a 10-day Buddhist retreat (no talking allowed!).

Finally, I'll probably return north and head through Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam.


21st August 2006

Lecha Dumia Tehila (to you, silence is praise!)
Ben, so thrilled to hear about your exciting travels. I miss you. I hope that your adventures continue to be fun and safe... and if you ever get lonely, just think how much cooler your life is now than when you will be sitting in the law library. Much love, Serena
24th August 2006

You do know that they beat you if you talk right? sounds awesome though. If you come across the opportunity to buy a "santoku" knife with a wooden handle anywhere in your asian travels, I want one. Oh and also some jasmine tea if you go back to China. Thats it. Be Safe, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. Peace and One Love.

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