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January 5th 2012
Published: January 8th 2012
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Macau is a fascinating place. I wonder how it was before China had taken it over. It's very clean and very developed. But do not kid yourself because you are still in Asia. Once the ferry docks you have several hundred asian people flying out of the gates like a kamazee horse. It was madness but after 1.5 hours we got through customs. Customs was very chill, no frills.

No need to take a taxi because there are shuttles to take you to the hotels. They don't check to see if you have a reservation so you can really hop on any shuttle bus for a free ride.

Macau is similar to Vegas but not quite. The buildings are big but vegas is a lot bigger and more sinful. You only need 2 days in Macau, most people shop and gamble. The streets are littered with very high end shops and it seems everyone is buying a Cartier or LV purse. A lot of ballers in this town. They take one look at me with my sandal and back pack and know that I am broke ass and can't afford anything. Perhaps I can convince them I am a rich business man from Canada that own a chain of pho restaurants along Kingway.

Macau has some of the cheapest non-duty free items. Scotch and Cigars are much cheaper than duty free around the globe. A pack of small Cohiba in Canada cost $56 and only $18 in Macau. I bought a bottle of 18 year Macallan that usually cost $260 for $130.

However import rules are weird for HK,they only allow you to bring in 1 cigar. I would visit the Venetian if you are in Macau ,it was probably the best hotel. Also you have to eat the Portuguese egg tart, it was the bomb.

First night I won $1200 HK dollar but eventually gave it all back after a long string of losses playing Baccarat. Jenni had a bunk machine, VLT started betting for her randomly and it wasn't until we got the attendant to come see for herself she got re-imbursed. It took 1 hour for them to refund her $60 HK dollar and while I was sitting and waiting I dropped $800 HK dollar. Go figure, I guess that was their strategy all this time.

In summary Macau is fun. Easy to get to for a 2 day trip


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