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October 16th 2005
Published: October 23rd 2005
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All the photos are in the dead of night, I'm glad it ended up that way but Macau was a quick trip. Nick, a young Kiwi toymaker, and I headed for Hong Kong central and had a great time, sleeping half the day away when I should have been on a boat to Macau. When I had finally made it it was already dark and with a flight at noon the next day I chose the obvious. Ditch the bag at the ferry station and walk with the camera, all night, no hotel.

I headed for Taipa, one of two small islands connected by bridge, Florida Keys style, I was in search of a good Macanese meal in the old Portuguese district. Sausage with wicked spice and potato soup hit the spot, not so different as I was looking for though. Caught a bus back to Macau just before they finished for the night.

St Anthony was the first chapel I found, built in 1558 and like all the others burnt down and restored several times over. On June 13, a ceremony is held with the regions small delegation of military personal as Anthony was a military saint.
Taipa IslandTaipa IslandTaipa Island

Just setting out on my night of walking.

Wandering in the dark, map in hand, I couldn't believe I hadn't seen Macaus most famous site, St Paul's, then, thru the small alley, looming wasn't the word. Built by Japanese Christians who fled persecution from their country, the church rests on high in the heart of the city. The facade was stone the rest of the church was burnable and nothing remains, victim of a kitchen fire when the site was operating as a college. The details on the facade are hodge podge, a Chinese dragon, Virgin Mary, devil, Portuguese Sailing ship. This is the symbol of Macau and I'm damn glad I didn't see it with everyone crawling all over it in the morning.

In the morning I staggered into Senado Square, it is between St. Paul's and St. Augustine and home to the typical McStarfriedchicken collection. With no other quick choices I visited one of them on my way to the airport, guess which one.

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Governors AreaGovernors Area
Governors Area

On Taipa, along the water are 5 buildings that served the Portugese governing body.
rua do Cunharua do Cunha
rua do Cunha

Just before I went in for dinner, Macanese style.
St AnthonySt Anthony
St Anthony

I walked past in the morning and the same photo would have had 100 people in it.
St PaulsSt Pauls
St Pauls

It looks like a ghost at 3 am.
Mount FortressMount Fortress
Mount Fortress

This large elevated fortress still points cannons at the bay. Worthless though, seige provisions lasting two years only one cannon was fired at the Dutch.
St. Augustines SquareSt. Augustines Square
St. Augustines Square

Good place for a nap.
St. Augustines ChurchSt. Augustines Church
St. Augustines Church

To add to the European feel, a vespa would zip by every 10 minutes or so.
St. Dominics ChurchSt. Dominics Church
St. Dominics Church

St Dominics had a rough start, in 1707 a military officer who was against the Portuguese was murdered at the alter over his support of the Spanish.
Holy House of MercyHoly House of Mercy
Holy House of Mercy

Holy house of mercy built in 1569 this building was Portugals charitable organization.
St LawrenceSt Lawrence
St Lawrence

This holy house was out of the way and creepy in the dark.
Holy House of Gambling and ProstituesHoly House of Gambling and Prostitues
Holy House of Gambling and Prostitues

I went in to check it out, the most famous and long running of Macau's Casinos but sitting down at a table next to Chinese gamblers isn't gambling, its stupid.

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