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April 7th 2008
Published: April 10th 2008
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We woke up at the ungodly hour of 9 in the morning and gathered all our belongings, including my sleeping bag cover which had magically been packed into my bag and which i only spent half an hour looking for!! We ate breakfast and then said our goodbyes to Barnee and left colin's house. Catching the Bus to the MTR and then switching once to get onto the next train line to get to the ferry port was a lot of fun wth all our bags, as usual!!

Our next destination was Macau, a densely populated paradise which, due to its Special Administrative Region status has been turned into the equivalent of Las Vegas. Gambling heaven!!! The journey to Macau took about 1 hour and we went by high speed ferry which was great, a massive sleek aerofoil which covered the distance very quickly!

Leaving Hong Kong was sad, but after so long here we felt we could have stayed for much longer but needed to move on. Arriving in Macau we hopped onto an empty bus which apparently was going towards the centre. This nice empty bus filled up very quickly and we soon found ourselves stranded from the doors and talking to a young man who told us that the last stop was probably ours. When the bus stopped next we all battled our way towards the door using different methods. I used my height to intimidate whilst Dale used his bag to beat the hordes of people out of his way. With these two methods proving quite successful we both fell out of the bus. Looking back we saw Mark politely asking people to move, this method was not great and the bus doors slammed shut leaving the two of us staring helplesswly back at mark still struggling towards the door. Luckily for us the man we had been talking to started shouting at the driver who opened the door for us and then lurched away. Reunited we vowed to not let that happen again, how quickly we would be proved wrong!

Wandering around Macau looking for a hotel after the journey so far proved too tiring so we retired for some refreshments and something to eat. After a very spicy dish which hurt us both going in and later on coming out we walked around again and found a great little hotel. Not wanting to waste time we dressed to the nines, which for some of us extended as far as a pair of jeans and a clean t-shirt and headed towards a casino to check them out! We first visited the Grand Lisboa which was so grand we couldn't even afford the minimum bet on any table! Visiting a few more casinos we watched some of the shows and had a few beers and then retired for the evening!


22nd April 2008

what is the name of the hotel where you stayed ina macau?is it good and how much?thanks
23rd April 2008

Hotel in Macau
Hey, sorry to be of no help but i have no idea of the name of the hotel but it cost 180 for three people per night!

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