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January 16th 2007
Published: January 16th 2007
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After visiting Laos you will feel something very much like how this girl feels.
I've finally pulled together some of the photos from my side trip in Laos. I won't get into exactly where we were, partly because I hardly know myself, but mostly so it doesn't get spoiled. Those with a little adventure will find their way. The Laos countryside is much easier to reach than most realize, and the locals are the friendliest people in the world.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

**Travellers Note**Remember, kids will be happy just to see you as you are not a common site. It is not necesary to give candy or other gifts and it's strongly encouraged that you don't. Give gifts to local leaders/elders if you really want to help. Laosians don't want their kids to grow up learning to beg, and travellers should be mindful of this. It's also one of the reasons Laos is so fond to those who travel here. The people are interested in you, not your wallet. And besides, they're already happy without your candy. Instead, learn a few words in their local dialect, show them their own photos, or learn a magic trick. Those are all guaranteed to be big hits!

Additional photos below
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Stuck temporarily in his shirt and sweater vest, on the way into the river.
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Free of burdensome clothes and happier than a bug in a rug.
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Early morning, a local works on installing a long tail motor into a brand new boat.
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Leaving the carpenter to his boat I join my tour group for breakfast. A local pup waits for hand outs.
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Hitching a ride, this happy little guy goes for a day of work with dad.
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The women and girls weave the beautiful fabrics you find in the cities.
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The fastest way to get a them their own pictures.
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? 9

This fella strikes his best Zoolander...a true natural.
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? 10

The kids were so close to one another and so inquisitive of us. We left having only successfully taught them half of the 'high five' process. They would put their hands to yours and keep them there, too gentle to give us a slap on the palm.
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? 11

She became very shy when the camera turned her way. What a sweetie.
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As we left this guy showed off his climbing abilities.
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? 13

Leaving a second village, this little climber used a nearby shrub.
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? 14

The locals offer some help to this rather wimpy looking 'big nose.' ha ha.
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Your only clue

16th January 2007

Laos and Myanmar
loved the pics and commentary. I've now put them both on the list of must sees!
17th January 2007

about time!
been waiting for your take on our little jaunt to laos. nice pics :D

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