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October 29th 2007
Published: October 29th 2007
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Laos is Lovely!!! We’ve had wonderful time in Laos and we were fortunate as we spent our time in Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane. It is a marvelously beautiful nation whose people are quite friendly. We arrived in Luang Prabang from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Originally we had considered taking a 6 hour bus trip to the Laos border, and then a two day boat ride down the Mekong River for the... Read Full Entry

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Friendly people, happy facesFriendly people, happy faces
Friendly people, happy faces

Dave bought this little girl a balloon.
Going to the River FestivalGoing to the River Festival
Going to the River Festival

The whole family seems to be going.
Family at festivalFamily at festival
Family at festival

These kids enjoyed the crazy Americans next to them
Beerlao and PepsiBeerlao and Pepsi
Beerlao and Pepsi

Time for a cool drink.
Dave counting moneyDave counting money
Dave counting money

$400 worth of Kip.
Flowers for festival.Flowers for festival.
Flowers for festival.

They light candles and float these down the river.
Pepsi CartPepsi Cart
Pepsi Cart

They work long days at the festival.

29th October 2007

what they don't know
Poor children - they didn't have us to warn them about Dave! Good thing you didn't have Bob with you - that would have done them in! Glad you are enjoying Laos - I'm enjoying your blogs!
30th October 2007

world travels
I continueto be amazed by your ability to adapt to each culture, each siutation and willingness to try any kind of food and go with the flow! It continues to be an awesome privilege to follow you in your travels.
30th October 2007

This looks like a place i'd really love to go, thanks too for the tip on flying to Laos from Chang Mai. How is it going with the number of clothes you have and getting them cleaned? I think you each just have one backpack right? Thanks for adding details about the country.
3rd November 2007

What an adventure!
Hi Merry Jo! I am so happy for you and Dave. What wonderful experiences you ar having! Thans for including me in on your travel blog as you tour about the countries. Stay safe and warm. Love, Susan
11th November 2007

You guys are inspirational!
Hey guys, so glad that you're having a great time! You've made me laugh, wonder, get a little anxious at times, and (most importantly) be ever so thankful for hot, running water! Wishing you the best! - Bill

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