Haoni-yying An A Quick Fire Exit To lazy Laos

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July 7th 2008
Published: February 2nd 2013
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So sapa was cool, although one thing is the kids that wait outside your hotel everyday and mob you on exit and try to extract cash for tat.

So we arrived less than sober back into Hanoi at just before 6am, so another early start and lack of sleep and it now feels good to have just over a month left till im back home.

So jackie and sarah were going to head to Bangkok and me, ashley, paul and dave to Laos and we had decided a 22hour bus ride was just not going to cut it, we got a cab from the train station to the bamboo hotel were we booked the sapa trip and waited till 8am for it to open and after some bartering we got fligts to lao the next day with lao airlines for 135 dollars each which is busting the budget, but im so over buses...lol.

we then found a hotel room that had two three bed rooms for 15 dollars between us and everyone had a knap and i did some sightseeing such as the cathedral and prison musuem and then got back and went with paul to grab some lunch and then we hung out on the cheap beer corner in the old quarter,not the best beer ever but at 3ooo dong it was cheap and cheerful and we chatted to some irish fellas and before we knew it it was 7pm and we headed back and met the others and headed out for a meal that was average and a little pricey and then a few drinks.

We passed the cheap beer corner and i stopped and had a few drinks with the aussie girl i met in nha trang anneka and an irish chap and another guy nathan and then the others came back and we all went to the red bar and played jenga and drank and some pool and at 3am we got booted out by the police and stayed up and chatted a little while.

We woke up fairly late and grabbed breakie and potted about and then got a taxi to the airport and got checked in and money exchanged, paul and dave grabbed food at the airport which was well expensive at 12 bucks for two of the smallest plates of club sandwich i have ever seen.

id heard lao airlines were not the best, however the flight and service was fine and i got a beer lao on the flight so it was all good.

We got to laos and the cash machines only let you get about 40 pounds at a time so my bank charges are going to take the piss.

We got a taxi mini bus into Vianetiane as the was us and a sweedish couple and nick a canadian guy that me,ashley,paul and dave met in vietnam and a danish girl tine and so it was a dollar each which was cool and vinetiane is a tiny city and after some mosing around we managed to all get rooms, the place that me,ashley and paul and dave stayed at was a whole and 8 bucks a night and now it turns out they had bed bugs and my back is like a paint by numbers map of laos.

we grabbed a bite to eat and me and the lads and nick and tine headed out to a few bars and then an expensive hotel bar and then a bar near the brothl area and we had an altercation with a tuk tuk driver trying to rip us off...lol and ashley got offered sex by a local money, not for money though and he was up for it and then she changed her mind....lol.

Next day me and nick went and had a quick look round the city and met a cool monk who is a man u fan and then all of us got a bus to viang vang and the bus was a n hour late leaving which was no suprise, the places we wanted to go to in viang vang were full and we found an average place an dumped our stuff and grabbed food and chilled at the family guy bar, yup 24/7 family guy im loving lao so far😊

We then went to jadiees acool bar by the river and noticed all the pissed up tubers coming back and we will be doing tubing tomorrow. I had several beers and chilled out in this really cool bar and chatted to a few folk and some of the guys had weed an opium and i as usual turned it down, ive been there and done drugs in the past and now i stick to booze and this random girl came and fell asleep at my feet?

About 12ish we deiced to head back and paul and ashley had had opium tea and were sick and me and paul and nick had banana pancakes and i went to the internet cafe and had a drunken skype with my girlfriend....lol.

This morning was up at 10am and me nick and tine grabbed breakie at the family guy bar and then came to the internet cafe on the way back to the hotel and then midday tubing yeahhh.