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September 4th 2007
Published: May 15th 2008
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The GameThe GameThe Game

Nilam and I playing the game with K. I think K lost this round
I decided to treat myself to a bit more of fun and head back with Nilam, Hazel, and Beverly BACK to Vang Vieng. I know most travelers our there reading this are scolding me for returning to Spring Break instead of venturing further afield in Laos. Trust me, as you read on you will see that I had my fair share of getting out and immersing myself in the culture as I head further north into Laos and up into China. I met some great people that I couldn’t pass up a few more fun days with them. They almost convinced me to travel further south with them instead on up into China.

The 4 of us piled into the rickety old bus and in 7 hours I found myself grinning as the bus pulled into Vang Vieng. The majestic karst cliffs take your breath away every time. I thought Thavisouk Guest House was great the first time around and thought let’s go back again! Upon returning they even remembered me! Granted, it had only been 3 days.

Famished, we headed for the “Family Guy” café and made ourselves comfortable as it started to pour outside. Too comfortable. After
Tube TimeTube TimeTube Time

Heading out for the river
7 episodes, plus a few plates of food and a death bucket later, we realized the sun had gone down and we should try to mobilize ourselves. We didn’t move far. Nilam had met a guy in Pai, Thailand, who told us we had to go to Keomi’s Pizza and play “the game” with K. We walked less than a block and found this place. My friend Barmak joined us. I was beyond excited to see him. We met drinking bia hoi in the streets of Saigon the previous December and here we were meeting up in Laos! The world is a lot smaller than one can ever imagine.

K was by far and away the most beautiful Laos guy I had ever met. Unfortunately he was engaged. Fortunately for me, he was well equipped with copious amounts of LaosLaos whiskey. “The Game” was a very easy and deadly game. Everyone playing was dealt a card. The person with the lowest card had to take a shot of LaosLaos whiskey. A few too many shots and some happy pizza later and we were having a grand time. The rain stopped and we were able to meander the streets with
River ShotRiver ShotRiver Shot

ooh it was so beautiful!
this crazy Irish guy who was in our guesthouse until everyone had to return for curfew at midnight. He tried to pull us into his room with "wanna come listen to my music?" We didn't buy it.

The next day I took the girls tubing. Due to the heavy rainfall over the past 3 days, the river was much higher than when I was first there, borderline dangerous. Still, the girls and I and about 50 other people were out there on the river, borderline stupid. I even ran into a fellow Cal Bear and a Mark Conolly look alike. It is truly hard to have a bad time at the river. I even ran into my kayaking guides again and shared some papaya salad with them.

That night we set out to find more happy pizza and The Game with K because one night just wasn’t enough. Unfortunately Nilam and I had a little too much fun. We were woken up by the owner of Thasivouk at 6am. I stumbled out of bed half asleep and as I unlocked the door she comes in screaming “Water! Water!” She runs to turn on our bathroom light to
Tube TimeTube TimeTube Time

"Enter here!"
a completely flooded bathroom. Apparently one of us left the tap running and to this day we both claim it wasn’t us. The pipes couldn’t handle the water and started to seep into the room below us. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong and then at 6am realized it was our room causing the problem! The room below us was flooded and a complete disaster. I felt so incredibly bad. I lived up to my philosophy of leaving an impression on people- I never said it had to be a good or bad impression. I doubt Thavisouk will ever forget us. I whimpered out of the hotel with my backpack on and boarded my bus bound for Luang Prabang. They didn’t make us pay extra and were so incredibly nice about it. I couldn’t believe it. I swear Laos people are the nicest I have ever met.

Round 2 in Vang Vieng was definitely worth it. The bathroom incident has gone down as one of the most memorable nights of my trip! I miss those girls, but guaranteed we will see each other again in the future.

Additional photos below
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A Bit ScaryA Bit Scary
A Bit Scary

Higher than the last time I was here
Go Bears!!!Go Bears!!!
Go Bears!!!

Cal Bears reunited in Vang Vieng!

Instead of the flying fox they had a zipline bc the water was too high. yikes!
River RatsRiver Rats
River Rats

Notice the guy posing with us and how big his arm muscles are. His job was to pull every single tuber in from the river. He had the biggest muscles I had ever seen!

Barmak and I reunited over some Happy Pizza
Vang ViengVang Vieng
Vang Vieng

Despite what people say, I loved this place
Keomi's Pizza Keomi's Pizza
Keomi's Pizza

This could be a commercial for them!
Family Guy CafeFamily Guy Cafe
Family Guy Cafe

Yup, didn't move from here for a while...
And We are OffAnd We are Off
And We are Off

down the river we go again
Chilling Chilling

One of the river bars
LOVE These GirlsLOVE These Girls
LOVE These Girls

they almost convinced me to head south instead of north!
Special KSpecial K
Special K

I would possibly move to Vang Vieng to be with him!

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