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April 27th 2020
Published: April 27th 2020
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Laotian food is really something special, sure in most countries you could go out for dinner and a show. However, when you step into Laos, the Dinner is the show. Performance plays a big role in Laotian cuisine. You’ll likely find a spectacle in every Laotian market, from reckless rolled icecreams to expertly carved fruit, But there’s one show you simply can’t miss, and its performed by the Superheroes of Vangieng, The Sandwich Ladies.

It really doesn’t take long to spot the Sandwhich ladies, Their stalls are everywhere around Vang Vieng. All with the same menu and prices, they stand ready from dusk to dawn behind a giant hotplate, the main stage for their creations.
It’s a sandwich fairly similar to their own Laotian Bahn Mi called Khao Jee Pate, but customized to fit a pallet that’s synonymous with Party Capitol Vang Vieng. Make it meaty, make it greasy, and make it delicious.

The show starts by cooking bacon, steak or chicken along with oil and onion, while the baguette toasts on the side.
In the baguette goes lettuce, tomato and cucumber, followed by the cooked meats, and topped with tomato sauce, sweet chili and mayo.
The sandwich is looking pretty full at this point, but it’s still missing one final ingredient to complete something of this scale, slowly draped over the whole sandwich is a whole egg omelette mixed with onion and soy sauce. It’s the show-stopping moment that’s equally mouthwatering and strangely erotic to watch.
Be warned, there’s no elegant way to eat this, spills are inevitable, stains are inescapable, tears are expected. The best you can do is stand by as it gets quartered, take a breath, and get ready for the best bite of your life.

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