Photos from Muang Xai, West, Laos, Asia

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Mini platform
Sceanic Bathroom
Living room
Photo 6
A long way down
Zipping into Treehouse #5
Watching Gibbons
Testing out Bengie's bike
Dana Zipping from our home: Treehouse #7
Sunset Shower
Jungle Cat
Modern Bank
Pakbeng Shop
want to ride the Slow Speed boat ???
on the Mekong River between Thailand & Laos
twin towers comic style
begging hands
white temple
Extracting the cashnut from its shell
Our first beer in Vietnam
The owners party trick (Dien Bien)
Having tea in the guesthouse, the owners front room (Dien Bien)
The crew that made the journey from Laos to Vietnam
Border at Tay trang  - Vietnam
Another view over the mountains, you can see for miles
View over the mountains
View of the sleepy village Muang Khau
Our luxury room in MK
Shell posing with the pigs on the river in Muang Khau
Locals playing cards (Muang Khau)
Main street in Muang Khau
Our hotel in Muang Khua
Our cooks in Udomxai (the best ever!!)
We did find one small temple tucked away (Udomxai)
The main drag in Udomxai
A view over the city (Udomxai)
The beaver for sale (Udomxai)
selling oranges by the roadside (Udomxai)
Local whisky, bottled in .. oil cartons!! (Udomxai)
A true red in UdomXai
THE place to eat in UdomXai
A spot of shopping on the way
Clouded Mountains
Another climb up the hill
Banks of the Mekong
View from the boat
The boat
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