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November 21st 2015
Published: November 21st 2015
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A friend of mine once told me that we make plans to change them... So a few days ago, I biked from Si Satchanalai to Sukhothai, as planned. Another nice day of cycling, cool and quiet in the morning and then really hot after 11. I arrived early at my guest house and decided to go to Sukhothai historic park right away since my room was not ready. It is an interesting site, similar to Si Satchanalai but bigger and busier. Since it was so hot, I did not stay that long but enjoyed seeing the beautiful Bhuddas in the park.
It's after that that my plans changed: I was offered to go back to Tanzania to guide on Kilimanjaro in December and potentially in February as well. A big change from what I had planned initially, but why not. So instead of leaving my bike in Bangkok, I took the bus to Chiang Mai (that was not easy... and I almost got stuck in Sukhothai with my bike), sold my bike there, shipped my bike tools and accessories back to Canada, and took the plane to Luang Prabang. As I probably mentioned already, I will be co-guiding, or at least learning about the trip in case they need me as a guide in the future.
Selling my bike was strange, I had this bike for over 15 years and the model is called "Soul", so I felt like I was selling my soul... But a bike is just a bike, and I can always get another one to continue pedaling somewhere else in the future...
For now I am really enjoying Laos. Luang Prabang is a laid back town, with friendly people, lots of good food and a very good vibe. In two days the clients will arrive and the trip sounds like a really big adventure. I probably won't have much time to write about it until it is over as we will likely not have internet access for the next few weeks.

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