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January 20th 2010
Published: January 31st 2010
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Our walking tour

We all didn’t sleep very well and by the time we got going and had breakfast it was 12:00 and time to checkout and then check in to a cheaper hotel costing 80000kip. We all meet out the front of Annette and Marte’s guest house at 1:00. Fabien and Arthur stayed at our guest house only 30sec walk from the girls. With the lonely planet as our guide we all went walking tour around the town. We started off on Kingkitsarat rd walking north east and heading around the point Luang Prabang walking back South West along Khem Khong rd. It was an awesome sight to see the mighty Mekong river and it was only the dry season, I can only imagine how massive this river would get when in the wet season. Our group came across an old man that spoke good English for his age. He was the local ice cream man and he was so kind and friendly that we all bought an ice cream, he wished us safe travels and good prosperity for our life and it felt good to be blessed by the local ice cream man, it was probably the worst ice cream that I have ever eaten and I’m sure it was homemade with Mekong water. The rest of them threw there icecreams away and I was ¾ through finishing and ended up eating the rest anyway, I figured if it didn’t kill me it would only make me stronger. We finished off the tour with a climb up the Phu Si hill which cost 20000 kip each for the privilege. I personally didn’t think it was worth the money but that’s me. Before you climb up you are bombarded by woman trying to sell you little birds in cages to let go on the hill for good luck. Fabien and Marte bought some birds and with Marte having trouble getting hers out of her cage she had a hand from Fabien and Annette to set the bird free for good luck. We all had to catch up on internet time so we agreed to meet for dinner and some Lao food. For dinner we had mushroom and chicken stir fry and the local sausage, veggie’s and fried potatoes, it was nice and the company was even better. They had night markets on so we went to have a look at all the local arts and crafts. We ended losing the group in the markets and decided to go back to our hotel as I was recovering from the flu and was not feeling very well.

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