Cheap veggie Buffett And The Longing For Home

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July 14th 2008
Published: February 2nd 2013
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So i got settled into my room and it was strange as vietnam and and part of lao and cambodia id had a traveling crew so to speak and now i was solo again. I dumped my stuff and went back and met tine and to see if she maybe wanted to take a a walk and the main drag is full of expensive eatries and accomodation and a amarket which mainly sells what you can get everywhere else in asia or maybe im jaded from seeing too many markets, we both went to get money out and she got money and twice the machine made noise like counted cash and then gave me nothing, i skyped my bank twice, first time no joy joy as the internet cafe had slow and expensive connection. I found another place and my card was fine and so it was the machine, my bank said no cash had come off. but im still worried the damn lao atm has screwed me.

Third time and i got cash, by then tina had gone and i was feeling low and dejected and in a town i wasnt all that filled with joy to be in, i visited a cool mountain stoopa in town and chatted to some people and that lifted my spirits slighty. I went back got changed and found a veggie buffet place for 5,000 a plate which was cool and there i met nathan a guy i met in hanoi and it was his birthday and so i hung out with him and jackie, jacob and some other travelers i forget there names and we chatted and grabbed some smoothies and some beers and my spirits raised, we agreed to meet the next day.

This morning and went round some temples and then spent the morning hanging out with Nathan and jackie and this afternoon im going on a waterfall and village trip, the isnt much really in this town, everything is several km's out and you have to pay a tour to get there and none of the tours include the entrance fees, im seriously thinking i may just get the slow boat tomorrow and get to Thailand.

In the end i met with nathan and jackie and we chatted and chilled and saw a few temples and did some internet time and i decided to book an afternoon waterfall tour and it turned out that tina the danish girl was on the same tour which was cool.

The tour went to the biggest waterfall and also there was a bear rescue center there and i saw how they were helping to save bears from bile farms and they were cute, they had a rescued tiger there for a while but it died in may of feline flu.

I also saw some cute puppys and so i think im coming into my girlfriends way of, as im a cat person and she is really a dog person.

You could swim in the falls and so i had fun swimming and jumping in and chatted to a cool Canadian couple and a Scottish girl and her boyfriend from the states and together with Tina, the Scottish girl and her boyfriend we hiked up the slippery trail to the top of the falls, it was a cool site to behold and my flip flops

I got back to town and wanted to see about getting out of the town as i wasn't so keen on it, i tried to find out about the slow boat and got vague information and was then advised against the speedboat as it was really dangerous and i was going to maybe get a flight but the flights were booked until the 17th so i plumped for the slowboat and joined the others for a last of the night drink and got some souvenirs from the market.

Next morning i was up at 7.30am although no need to be early as the boat ended up going early, i had changed most of my kip to baht which later turned out to be a bad idea and also the agency sold me a ticket all the way to the border i was led to believe.