The Secret Six in South East Asia! - Episode Seven - 'Is it Lao or Laos?'

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November 24th 2018
Published: November 30th 2018
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Can it be that time already? We can't quite believe it! Today, we leave Vietnam and move on to our next country in Indochina, namely Laos and the city of Luang Prabang, in the mountainous north west of the country. The tour does return to Vietnam to fly home in a week's time (when our group of six, together with one other (Christine, the lady who had the unfortunate fall at the Ho Chi Minh Mausole... Read Full Entry

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The Mekong Cruise - 15The Mekong Cruise - 15
The Mekong Cruise - 15

And a couple more elephants.
The Mekong Cruise - 16The Mekong Cruise - 16
The Mekong Cruise - 16

One of the Pak Ou cave Buddhas.
The Mekong Cruise - 17The Mekong Cruise - 17
The Mekong Cruise - 17

Down river view from the Pak Ou caves.
Wat Xieng Thong - 1Wat Xieng Thong - 1
Wat Xieng Thong - 1

The King's funeral carriage.
Wat Xieng Thong - 3Wat Xieng Thong - 3
Wat Xieng Thong - 3

The Buddhist tree of life on the back wall of the temple.
The Phousi steps - 1The Phousi steps - 1
The Phousi steps - 1

Looking down from about a third of the way up!
The Phousi steps - 2The Phousi steps - 2
The Phousi steps - 2

Mandy near the top!
The Phousi steps - 3The Phousi steps - 3
The Phousi steps - 3

A view from the top......
The Phousi steps - 4The Phousi steps - 4
The Phousi steps - 4

......and another view....
The Phousi steps - 4The Phousi steps - 4
The Phousi steps - 4

......and another, obscured by two idiots!
The family outingThe family outing
The family outing

Just about to board the ferry!
Tuk Tuks on parade Tuk Tuks on parade
Tuk Tuks on parade

A convoy of colour!

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