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July 1st 2008
Published: July 11th 2008
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Much of Today was spent preparing ourselves mentally for the journey ahead and relaxing before a long bus ride. As 4 o clock rolled around we discovered that there was nobody around to take our payment for the last 6 or so days, or to give us our bus tickets. We waoted for a ittle while and then counted up our bill and bar tab and left the money for them, luckily we also searched the desk and found our tickets for the bus.

We hoppped into our taxi which took us all of a kilometre and then dropped us at the bus station. Feeling slightly cheated because we had pr payed for it and yet the journey was very short we settled down to wait for our VIP bus. Trouble is the VIP bus, scheduled to leave at 5 was broken so we had to switch to a local bus and wait around. It finally arrived at about 6.30 and we hopped on, glad that it pulled away quickly. In our eagerness we forgot that they always need fuel so we then sat around in a petrol station for half an hour whilst we filled up.

The journey was very very bumpy and the road very winding so there was no hope of sleep. Mark beat me to the back seat and lay himself down while i was left to the not so subtle approach of pissing everyone else around you off by slowly spreading down the seat and out into the aisle to get comfortable. It worked and we both had plenty space to not sleep in!

Only 14 hours of this before getting off!


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