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March 1st 2006
Published: March 2nd 2006
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Today after arriving in Laos the night before, we set off for Luang Prabang. According to everyone we've met and to all the guidebooks LP is Asia's most charming city and we certainly hope so - we had a not so charming introduction to the Lao people in the form of the crazy hostel lady we met just this side of the border. Thankfully we'd already met a few of the Lao people, Boonlarn and Amy who were old workmates of mine & Tash's and Kevin - our buddy from Pai who attested to the country's reputation of producing lovely, laidback people. Here's hoping....

We decided to catch the fast boat down. That is not a lie as it was FAST! Rather than a "speedboat" it was more of a long tailed fishing boat, packed with 8 people and their luggage, but boy did it move! We spent the entire 6 hours in agony with our knees round our necks and my back is now red and raw from rubbing against the wooden seatback when we encountered the wakes of other boats and rapids. The scenery was amazing though and made it almost worth it. We saw dense jungle, rocky outcrops, small villages, lone fishermen, children playing and hoardes of water buffalo lazing on golden sand beaches - almost idyllic. Pity we were going so fast it was blink and you'd missed it!

But we lived through and are ready for more adventure - Laos here we come!


2nd March 2006

Good on ya guys!
Hola from Lima! Ahh I did the same trip to Thailand and Laos back in 2000 (going the opposite direction, BKK-Vientiane-LP-Chiang Mai..). Enjoy the food, the people, and the monkeys! How come you havent ridden an elephant yet?
4th March 2006

Jungle Fever
Hey Guys, thanks for the great read while plugging away at work. It's getting me excitied about my next trip instead of worrying about the here and now. Love hearing about food and the animals. What's the spider situation in that there jungle? You guys are having some crazy times - find some lost treasure and you'll totally be Lara Croft and Indiana Jones. I'll let you decided who's who! Peace, love and body wipes - G

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