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May 31st 2018
Published: May 31st 2018
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Bobby and IBobby and IBobby and I

My Vientiane Goddess #savedmylostsoul
After living abroad for such a long time, I thought it was time to really do some solo travel. I have previously travelled around China by myself before like Beijing but it was fairly easy because I had all the right apps, a bank account, Visa so it was essentially as easy as travelling in my own country. So I thought it was time to test myself and find 'me' if you will, so I booked flights to Laos and Thailand for Chinese New Year of 2018.

My first destination was Vientiane, Laos. All I knew about Laos was that it was a fairly Buddhist prominent country pretty close to China. So off I went. Luckily, I was blessed enough to have a connection via a friend in Suzhou for someone who lived in Vientiane so upon arrival this amazing stranger by the name of Bobby, picked me up from the airport, got me a SIM card and took me to dinner with delicious hot food.

After checking into the wrong hostel but finally getting some sleep, I woke up with one day to see and do as much as I could of Vientiane. Luckily, it was one of
Buddha ParkBuddha ParkBuddha Park

Beware the stairs. Almost fell..
those cities you don't really want to stay in too long and as long as you have Google maps and a sense of wit about you, it is possible to do quite a fair bit in a day. I started off the morning by going to the Buddha Park by catching the bus from the central station. After a 45min drive still very tired from a lack of sleep, I arrived at the Buddha Park which was incredible. It was super peaceful and well worth a look. The Buddha's that were there to look at were huge in size and variation. After a coconut overlooking a river that I learned while in Laos actually boarders with Thailand too, I hopped back on the bus back into Vientiane.

Back in Vientiane I sought out all the main sight seeing landmarks for tourists and got my typical Instagram photos for proof. Luckily enough, when I was coming off the bus and walking to the first tourist site, a elderly gentleman wanted directions on where something was which I happened to be going to. So in typical Maria fashion, I made a new friend and we ended up seeing all the sites
Tuk Tuk AdventuresTuk Tuk AdventuresTuk Tuk Adventures

Still alive mum
together by using tuk tuks and walking from place to place.

However, it was time to go so I met up with Bobby for our last supper together, slept one more night at my interesting (but little did I know definitely not the worst hostel) I have been in to catch a bus the following morning to one of my possibly favourite places; Vang Vieng.

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