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Asia » Laos » South » Don Det April 25th 2012

Luego de casi 24 horas viajando en 6 diferentes transportes (tren, tuk-tuk, autobús, tuk-tuk, songatew, lancha) llegamos a Don Det, una de las islas de Si Phan Don, mejor conocido como 4000 islas, un grupo de islitas en el río Mekong. Lo mejor que hay para hacer en Don Det es relajarse en una hamaca, y la mayoría de los alojamientos (generalmente bungalows sobre el río, o palafitos para los venezolanos) proveen la facilidad para practicar este deporte; pues nos dedicamos a pasar los días echados en la hamaca contemplando el río y sus islitas, las lanchas que pasaban, un pescador de vez en cuando, los niños locales bañándose y jugando como Dios los trajo al mundo; era tan hermoso y entretenido el panorama que no te podías sentir culpable por haber viajado tan lejos para ... read more
amanecer desde mi hamaca
qué más se puede pedir a la vida?
Don Det

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det April 4th 2012

We set off from Phnom Penh (Cambodia) to our 3rd country Laos. After a very long bus journey (again!) we arrived at the border and found it really strange that there was a pricing list for different visas, turns out the English are one of the expensive ones. Plus we had to pay a $2 bribe to the Cambodian police to leave the country then a $2 bribe to enter Laos. We felt like there were alot of bribes! Our first impressions of Laos was good apart from the roads, when we say roads they dont have tarmac on most of them, they consist of alot of sand and random rocks - makes a hell of a ride! We stayed on the Island Don Det which is in the 4000 islands in the Mekong River near ... read more
Birthday Canoeing
Largest waterfall

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det April 2nd 2012

After a very pleasant sleeper bus ride (we slept the entire 10 hour trip). We arrived in Pakse, swapped busses, drive 2 more hours and hopped off at the dock to catch the little long tail boat to take us across to the main island, Don Det. 4000 islands isnt just a name, there are literally 4000 islands in this portion of the Mekong river. And its easy to forget that you are on a river sometimes as it is so massive in places. The tiny village on Don Det that we are staying in is a sleepy place with no night life other than the few bar/restaurants that people pack into at night. Our first night in we found a bungalo for 70,000 kip a night, which seemed a little much but again we were ... read more

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det March 19th 2012

Leaving Vientiane, myself & Mel, my new travelling companion, head south; our destination Don Det, part of the 4000 islands in the very South of Laos. However, as I've decided to postpone my visit to Vietnam until April, we have time on our side and decide to explore a bit more of Southern Laos en route. First stop is Kong Lor cave, described in the guide book as "The real Indiana Jones experience" and "Star Trek on LSD"... Its enough to get us excited about it, though neither of us being Star Trek fans, we go with Indiana Jones and frequently burst into singing the theme tune at regular intervals on the bus ride down there, which inevitably always seems to turn into the A-Team theme tune, or sometimes Superman (try it yourself, you'll know what ... read more
The mouth of the caves
Fun in the Caves!
In the back of the Tuk Tuk

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det March 19th 2012

Entering into the country where time goes a lot slower!!! We had to overnight in Kratie again when on the way to Laos and this time we opted for a very cheap 4$ per night room. It was basic but clean so no complains. Seems that Kratie offers cheapest food as well as rooms in Cambodia. We could have gone the same day to Laos but afternoon buses arrive late in the evening at the border and we did not want to pay even higher 'stamping fee' for our crossing. To be honest this whole fee process is a joke. Everybody knows it is illegal payment/bribe for doing nothing but yet no-one complains. People just pay and the worst thing is that last year it was 1$ on each side (from what I have read on ... read more
Don Det village
beautiful Mekong
sunset in Don Det

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det March 7th 2012

Sabaideee!! After a quite fast transport from Champasak, crossing the Mekong by a miniferry and a touristbus, we finally reached Nakasang, a village that has a little port for Don Det, one of the four thousand islands. It is really amazing how wide the Mekong gets in that area and how shallow it can be in the dry season. Fisher men stand until their knees in some areas in the mighty river - fascinating. Everywhere small islands with trees and bushes, local fisherboats and small villages on along the shore. The transport from Nakasang to Don Det was our first nice boat ride in that area. After 30min we reached the northern point of Don Det - an area where the first impression is like being in Mallorca with bucket drinking people laying next to their ... read more
4000 Islands - Laos
Wat Pu Champasak - Laos
Spinning near the Li Pi Falls - Don Det -  Laos

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det February 19th 2012

Being smack bang in the middle of the Mekong, it's a strange feeling waking up on an island surrounded by the mainland. Today, we were off again to see another waterfall with our friends from the previous day. This waterfall was to put all the others we had seen to date to shame. The Mother Pearl of the Mekong is the widest and probably the most powerful in the Mekong. The water below the waterfall looked like a wash cycle on serious steroids. We found ourselves captivated by a thong (outside Australia; read a flip flop) in the water being repeatedly flung into rocks, being sucked under for 10 or so seconds before crashing back into the same rocks. Not a place you want to slip in. Reminded of a washing cycle, we decided to do ... read more
Washing clothes by the waterfall - The Scrubba wash bag
Adam and Ash by the Pearl of the Mekong
A monk's approval - The Scrubba wash bag

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det February 18th 2012

We'd heard there was a waterfall to the South of the island so a we hired a couple of "girls" bikes (these seem to be the only type on the island) and we were off to explore. Little more than a 20 minute ride and we were looking at a tirade of water roaring down between large crags of rock. Following the waterfall downstream, we found a secluded little waterhole overlooking one of waterfalls. Having not worked the bus grime off yesterday's clothes, it seemed like as good a place as any to use the Scrubba wash bag. There was even a bamboo fishing rod propped up to dry the clothes. Laundry on an island paradise hundreds of kilometres from the sea! While the clothes dried, we jumped back on the bikes and headed to the ... read more
Scrubba wash bag by the river
Locals washing clothes in the river
View from our balcony

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det February 17th 2012

Waking at 4 am really is not the best time to start the day. But then being piled into a bus, sitting shoulder to shoulder and having to endure full blast Cambodian Karaoke versions of Beyonce songs makes getting that extra bit of shut eye even more difficult. Add to this the fact that every few seconds the bus driver pushes down the horn. You have to let go of your Western senses that a head on crash is about to happen and trust that the busdriver is just merely warning the slower smaller traffic of his presence. Suprisingly though, you eventually get used to the chaos and drift off to sleep. Well, as good a sleep you can get sitting upright on a bus. Part way through the bus ride, we discovered that the Scrubba ... read more
Adam on the boat to Don Khon

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det February 8th 2012

Vi ankom til Don Det uden nogen form for forventning. Vi havde fået det anbefalet forskellige steder fra, men det var også det. Don Det er en ud af mange øer, som ligger i det område i Mekong-floden. Det er en af mest populære med Bungalows som den primære form for beværtning. Vi ankom til Naksong fra Pakse og fik os selv om bord på en båd som skulle sejle den lille tur på 10 min. ud til Don Det.Selve øen er bygget op af bungalows og restauranter langs yderkanten af øen som nok er halvanden til to km. lang og halvt så bred. Bungalowsne er yderst primitive, mange af dem uden vand og elektricitet i det omfang der er to-tre pærer og en stikkontakt. Den bungalow vi startede med at bo i havde dog vand, ... read more

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