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Asia » Laos » North » Muang Sing July 25th 2007

So, yes, we arrived in Muang Sing! A day late, and still trying to clear our lungs of the black smoke that poured out the back of our tuk tuk thing, but the sun was shining and it looked like a nice little town... ran into some Vientiane living Brits at the bus station, well, the piece of concrete in the middle of some mud that the buses stop near, and they told us how great it was there and how we could get to various villages on bike. Hmmmm. Beats splashing out on a jungle trek - lets do it! So we set about, and failed as it goes, to get bikes. But we did take in a particualrly impressive wat (well, it was real colourful and had a kitten, and praying cleaning wormen. I ... read more
In with the Akha's

Asia » Laos » North July 16th 2007

The journey to Vieng Phoukha was a long one, but well worth the ride. From Vientiane it involves taking a 23 hour long local bus to the city of Luang Nam Tha. From there it is a quick 1 1/2 pickup truck ride to town. I ended up staying the night in Luang Nam Tha to rest and get a good meal and shower. On the bus there I met a Japanese traveler, Moo, who has been on the road for the last 13 months. We compared stories and went separate ways the next day. He was off to China and I was off to Vieng Phoukha. When the pickup dropped me off into the muddy center of Vieng Phoukha I felt good. I had finally arrived and the town looked like a place I ... read more
one big beetle
village blacksmith
always friendly face

Asia » Laos » North June 21st 2007

Vientiane An early morning saw us on our way to the airport in Siem Reap, where our tuk-tuk driver got pulled over by the police and fined $2. At first we thought he was a victim of what we have heard is typical police corruption in Cambodia, but later he told us it was because he was not wearing his jacket with his official license number on. Muppet... It was an uneventful flight to Vientiane via Pakse; with only 12 passengers for the international leg, it was a relatively comfortable experience considering the small plane! Despite its infamy when it comes to fatalities, we arrived safe and well fed, much to our delight. We checked into a guesthouse, and decided that the limited sights of Vientiane were best seen in one afternoon on the back of ... read more
Mekong Sunset, Vientiane
Volleyball Game, Vang Vieng
Dave on Rope Swing, Vang Vieng

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua June 18th 2007

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua April 30th 2007

Luang Prabang, Nong Khiawn Muang Ngoi Nuea, Luang Prabang Jason & Kirstyn O Travelled by local bus (no chickens) to Nong Khiaw. From here we caught a boat up the Nam Ou (River) to the tiny village of Muang Ngoi Neua. The boat was more like an oversized wooden canoe and the driver was very adept at getting us up the rapids without tipping us out! Muang Ngoi Neua has a population under 1000 people and there is only really one main dirt street in town. We found it to be one of the most relaxing places we have found so far on our trip. The town itself has several guesthouses and restaurants but is otherwise dependant upon farming and other industries such as making tools and fabric weaving within the local area. Power is ... read more
Dinner and Drinks Meuang Noi Neua
Rice fields amongst the Mountains
Tubing at Meuang Noi

Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha March 17th 2007

Super spravy - idem robit "The Gibbon Experience" - ked mi prisiel e-mail ktory potvrdil ze to este ako tak stiham predtym ako mi skoncia viza - od radosti som chcela otvorit sampanske :-) Idem tam 28.3. na 3 dni - je mozne ze budem musiet zostat jeden den dlhsie ako mi dovoluju viza a na hranici chcu 10 USD za kazdy den navyse ale snad to stihnem. Momentalne som uz par dni v meste Luang Nam Tha a zajtra kde som este nasla internet ale zajtra sa posuvam do dediniek z elektrinou len od 19:00 do 22:00 takze rodina odo mna nebude asi 2 tyzdne pocut zrejme az z Thajska kde sa dostanem zaciatkom aprila. Mozem prehlasit ze som velmi spokoja - momentalne mi nic ine k stastiu nechyba. Vsade je uvolnena atmosfera, denne stretavam ... read more
Close up
Miesta zena v Nam Dee - su polonahe a fajcia fajky - nechceli sme verit vlastnym ociam

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua March 14th 2007

Z Nong Khiaw sme sa za hodinu dostali lodou do malickej dedinky Muang Ngoi Neua kam sa nedalo dostat ziadnym inym dopravnym prostriedkom - len po rieke. Hned zo zaciatku spomeniem ze v dedinke bolo zhruba 70 turistov a z toho bolo 6 z Ciech!!! V celom Laose som stretla len 2 Cechov a pridem sem na koniec sveta kde je elektrina len 3 hodiny denne, ziadny internet a ziadny telefon a tu ich je 6 naraz :-) Vecer sme spolu vecerali aj s dalsimi turistami, hralo sa na gitaru - vsade ticho az na svrcky, ziadne auta, motorky - proste totalny relax - uz davno som nebola tak leniva - cele hodiny sme sa hojdali v sietach pred chatkami, pozorovali prirodu a rozpravali sa. Dedinka bola obklopena horami - zase sa nedali fotit lebo vypaluju ... read more
Evan from California
Ulica - tu kazdy kazdeho pozna - dobre miesto na spoznavanie dalsich turistov

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua March 9th 2007

Muang Ngoi is a tiny little place we went to after hearing about it from some people who said it was amazing. Was really cool, only had electricity from 6pm till 10pm so not the most liveliest of places but good to relax in. Went canoeing down the Mekong and hiking in the jungle to another small little village.... read more
Emily relaxing in a hamock

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua March 6th 2007

Arriving in Muang Ngoi by river boat was a pretty exciting prospect. Lonely planet describes it in a way that sounds like an idealistic travellers get away and I wasn’t disappointed. I travelled with some friends I’d met trekking in Luang Nam Tha and we met others in Nong Khiaw, just down river from our destination, where we stayed over for the night. Getting here from Nam Tha took an entire day traversing dusty bumpy dirt tracks by bus and an uncomfortable sâwngthâew journey, but at least it was mostly sealed roads. This sleepy market town on the banks of the Nam Ou cuts through close mountains and the scenery sours up on all sides displaying some dramatic lighting as the sun goes round combined with an eerie feeling as blankets of morning mist roll through ... read more
Nong Kiaw

Asia » Laos » North » Viang Thong March 2nd 2007

From Nong Khiaw, it was necessary to take another songthaew to Viang Kham, just a couple of hours away. A few ducks in wicker baskets were carried on top of the vehicle and the number of feathers that drifted past during the journey made me fear they might arrive bald. There were 3 other foreigners present. Two were a Swiss guy and a French woman, who I shall call the League of Extraordinarily Miserable Europeans (LoEME for short), as they were travelling together but seemed to derive no pleasure from anything, least of all each other's company. The third person I shall call LA Woman, for various reasons including factual accuracy as regards gender and city of origin. With so few transport options in this region, the 4 of us inevitably ended up seeing a lot ... read more
Local sentiment re big cats
Laos filling station

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