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Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha January 8th 2008

Tuesday January, 8th 2008 First plan was to go for a home stay in a village 20 km south from Luang Nam Tha but I thought better to complete my blogs and answer to some mails and enjoy the comfort of my guest house. Tomorrow, I definitely go to Ban Chaleunsouk (ban just mean village or municipality). ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha January 7th 2008

At the end of my 3-day trek, I didn't see birds but I pay a lot of attention to the local web sites design. Have look too... read more
An ingenious web design
The Webmaster

Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha January 7th 2008

J’ai choisi un trekking de 3 jours dans la forêt de Nam Tha. Départ samedi à 8h30, retour le lundi à 17h. Le programme annonçait environ 6 heures de trekking chaque jour dans la catégorie facile. J’allais donc pouvoir me fatiguer physiquement. Nous étions quatre à tenter l’aventure : un allemand, 2 australiens et moi. Saturday January, 5th 2008 Vers 9h30, un sawngthaew (pour ceux qui aiment l’étymologie : sawngthaew vient de sawng qui veut dire 2 et de thaew qui veut dire rangée ou banquette, je ne sais plus, un sawngthaew est un transport en commun où 2 banquettes ont été aménagées sur la benne d’un pick-up) nous a emmenés 15km au nord de la ville. Le guide anglophone d’origine Khmou nous a fait visiter le village Khmou situé au bord de la route puis ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha January 6th 2008

Phytopharmacie En chemin, le guide nous montre du « Yam ». La racine de cette plante (cf. photo) est utilisée localement par les villageois pour traiter la malaria. D’après le guide, lorsqu’une personne atteinte de malaria consomme une décoction de la racine, le goût en paraît agréable. Si par contre les symptômes sont dus à une autre maladie, la décoction serait désagréable au goût. ... read more
Yam or elephant's ear
Yam or elephant's ear : the root

Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha January 4th 2008

Thursday January, 3rd 2008 I’m taking the bus to Luang Nam Tha, west to Udomxai. There was a bus at 8am but I did want to do the trip in the fog. So, I had a good reason to wake up late and take the bus at 9:30. At 9:30, there is still plenty of mist, but never mind, the bus is not full so we wait till it’s full at 10:30. There is no mist anymore and I can enjoy the landscape. The bus is full but it’s still stop downtown twice to take some passengers. There is something, I don’t understand about bus stop. The bus station is always far away from the city center. In Luang Nam Tha, it’s really in the middle of nowhere. It’s in theory forbidden to take it anywhere ... read more

Asia » Laos » North December 28th 2007

Happy Holidays! Things are beginning to wind down here as I have recently returned from a two week excursion in north-central Laos. As with everywhere I've traveled, I was uncertain of how my Lao experience would size up to my experience in other SE Asian countries. Tourism is a relatively new phenomonon in Laos. As a result, much of the countryside is untouched by Westerners, and there is even a small population of travelers in the main cities. The transportation system in Laos is not quite as advanced as in other SE Asian countries. Therefore, it's a bit more difficult to get from point a, to b, but those or are willing to withstand the undesirable ride and travel frustrations, seem to have the same rewarding experience that I did. A few weeks ago the entirety ... read more
The Mighty Mekong Sunset with a Beer Lao in the Foreground
The Tubing Crew
Rope Swing

Asia » Laos » North December 26th 2007

Laos really is a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. From the moment we walked over the Thai border, we knew that we were in for a treat. The people were not hocking mass produced t-shirt’s at us, we were not being harassed to get into a Tuk Tuk, and the local beer, Beer Lao, wasn’t CRAP!!! We knew we were home, at least for a bit anyways. We began with a night in Vientiane, which is right over the Thai Laos border, it was a quaint town and we had our first taste of Laos coffee, which was AMAZING! When the French colonized Laos in the 19th century, not only did they leave their beautiful architecture and cobble stone walkways, but fields and fields of exquisite coffee; making the Thailand traveler whose closest thing ... read more
The kids
Blue Lagoon

Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha December 22nd 2007

It's been a great 3 days exploring the Luang Namtha area. Cycling around gave me a chance to get my legs warmed up and my butt used to being in the seat for a while. Half my time was spent out of the saddle though as I stopped lots to take pictures. I've taken so many pictures already I'm wondering what's left to take pictures of : ) The next 5 days will tell. That is the time I am giving myself to get from Luang Namtha to Luang Prabang. The plan is to get an early start and hopefully make it to Na Maw which apparently is 75km away. Today was a full day of exploring and getting lost up above the rice paddies. But up in the hills you get a great view of ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Luang Namtha December 21st 2007

With my arrangements all settled, I boarded a twin engine plane to Houei Xai where I would start my boat ride up North to Luang Nam Tha. My guide, Xai met me at the airport and after an unusually long time standing around waiting for the bags to be offloaded we were off to load the boat. We packed up rather quickly and were off by 10:30am, an hour after my plane landed. Xai had said that we might arrive in the dark but we made good time and after 3 stops for the appropriate stamps, we arrived at the boatman's village right at dusk. The scenery along the way was beautiful and peaceful. At the boatman's house it seemed like all the children in the village were there watching TV. They were all captivated by ... read more

Asia » Laos » North December 14th 2007

Solo necesitas cruzar la frontera con Laos para hacerte millionario (y es que por 10 pesos te dan 10 mil kips). Asi, cargaditos de billetes, nos tomo un minuto para familiarizarnos con los "sawngthaew", una rara mezcla de camion y combi, para transportarnos a Mouang Sing, antigua base de uno de estos legendarios mercados de opio del famoso Triangulo de Oro entre China, Burma y Tailandia. Hoy dia, no hay mas opio que el que te ofrecen senioras en las calles polvorientas. Nuestra meta aqui es ser parte de una expedicion a las tribus del area, operadas por un innovativo proyecto de turismo comunitario. Despues de hacer los contactos necesarios, comenzamos esta travesia de dos dias, guiados por un miembro de los Tai Lu llamado Singdi. La hicimos muy bien y llegamos a tiempo para pasar ... read more
The Hmong / Los Hmong
5 Hours / 5 Horas
First Impression / Primera Impresion

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