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January 28th 2013
Published: January 28th 2013
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Athough began tourism for some time already, Vieng Phukha still not able prospected into a popular destination for travelers. its said to be a great trekking region but...where else not in Laos?One could still see some trace of development like tourist office and trekking agencies. I saw a deserted night market square with leon light sign, guessed they was hoping to created something like in Luang Namtha. but local said no progress. And perhaps being to close and easily access to Luang Namtha, people will choose a better value place to stay with more choice of lodging, foods, internet and...more chance to meet other travelers!not everyone same like me...can stay alone and looking for cheap stay!Beside...the village of Vieng Phukha really not attractive with the main highway ran through with many too much big trucks rumbling pass. the township are composed with series of settlements that spread along both sides of the main road. prehaps many are newly arrival... some kids ran screaming away when they saw me like I was a ghost!Chinese influence seem much less here as I hadn't see many chinese signs in town. even in most of the shops around the market that I had walk pass and not noticed they were watch Chinese TV but Laos channel. I did saw a huge Chinese owned factory bit further outside of town, kind of production line....packing and shipping...all in one!well...China used to be the place for investors go and open factory for the cheap labour, seem like now is their time to transfered to other under develop country and take advantage of the low cost for production!Seldom had traveler stay in Veing Phukha, nowaday it was more a bike stop for lunch and then push forward as there was back track link Nalae and Muanglong, and...Namtha is only an hour away!Still...for eay peaceful hangout...Vieng Phukha could be an alternate for bigger town. Not a river-life village though as the river there are bit small, but you still could see the same action. a temple set on a small hilltop overlooking the whole village, early morning young monk would collected offer from shop owner along the street. Market start around 6am, the main action almost finished when I got there by half 7 , during the day still got some permanent stands stay for business. I did saw some Ahka and very few Miao show up. not much a costume scene could be seen. said there are Lahu in the area but seem like their village are bit far to reach by myself. I still choose to walk and lost myself into bush and field by any trail appeared under my footsteps. same like Nalae...there are many area call Preserved Regenerate Forest. no idea what it supposed to mean. but they all got trail could walk in, local got in during the day looking for wood logs, shooting birds, hunting fishes, guess one still can do farming inside those area as I did see fields growing vegetation. for me...great area to walk aimlessly as there are many tee off and bridges. the best car!

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