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Asia » Laos » North » Viang Thong April 7th 2018

When it comes to crossing international borders, I tend to err on the side of caution. I have heard too many stories of corruption at "unofficial" border crossings. Rule One: Always, I repeat, always get your passport stamped when you enter or leave a country. Did I say ALWAYS!!! Most of you know I crossed a rather notorious border back in 1971, from West Berlin to East Berlin. I would consider that one of the most unique, and dangerous border crossings of my life. The East Germans pointed a machine gun at me when I crossed. I also told you that I went across on foot with an American hippie couple. She was rather attractive, so of course, they strip-searched her!!! We flew over the world's tallest international border. That would be none other than Mount ... read more
Always expect the unexpected
A bad selfie
St Taffy's and the Vatican

Asia » Laos » North » Viang Thong June 9th 2011

Wednesday 1st June Went to Siem Reap airport and flew to Luang Prabang. Went to Spicy Backpackers hostel and settled into a 16 person dorm. Not recommended. We went for a walk through town and spent time at the night market giggling at the little "love" badges that say "leave me you die" or "love all my breath." Thursday 2nd June After a horrendous nights sleep we up'd and left and checked into another hostel in our own room with AC and a hot shower for less than would we'd paid for a 16 dorm room. Evidently should have shopped around! We then went to the local waterfall with Alice and Cheryl, some lovely girls from the UK who had both been teaching in Cambodia. The three of them got in and chatted away whilst I ... read more
Bear at rehab centre
The view during our jungle trek
The kids at the village

Asia » Laos » North » Viang Thong March 2nd 2007

From Nong Khiaw, it was necessary to take another songthaew to Viang Kham, just a couple of hours away. A few ducks in wicker baskets were carried on top of the vehicle and the number of feathers that drifted past during the journey made me fear they might arrive bald. There were 3 other foreigners present. Two were a Swiss guy and a French woman, who I shall call the League of Extraordinarily Miserable Europeans (LoEME for short), as they were travelling together but seemed to derive no pleasure from anything, least of all each other's company. The third person I shall call LA Woman, for various reasons including factual accuracy as regards gender and city of origin. With so few transport options in this region, the 4 of us inevitably ended up seeing a lot ... read more
Local sentiment re big cats
Laos filling station

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