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Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali August 6th 2012

Am Morgen meines Geburtstags fruehstueckten Dino und ich Bananenpancakes am Fluss Nam Ou und beobachteten einen chinesischen Strassen-Bau-Bagger der am anderen Ufer rote Erde hin und her wuchtete. Dann stiegen wir zum Anleger hinab, wo unser hellblaues Holzboot schon bereit lag. Drinnen sassen bereits zwei laotische Geschaeftsmaenner, ein Vater mit seiner kleinen Tochter und einem originalverpackten Kuehlschrank, ein junger Typ mit Gitarre und zwei Franzosen die enttaeuscht dreinsahen, als sie uns ins Boot klettern sahen. Wir nahmen mit angezogenen Knien auf niedrigen Sitzbaenken Platz und nachdem sich das Boot gefuellt hatte, klemmten wir sehr kompakt zwischen den Pos unserer Sitznachbarn fest. So stachen wir in See. Unser Motor war ein launisches Geraet, das hustende Laute von sich gab und stets erst beim fuenften Versuch ansprang. Jedesmal ueberkam mich eine gewisse Unruhe, weil un... read more
Sandbankstopp I
Sandbankstopp II

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali January 15th 2012

I woke up at 6am and had a quick shower and coffee before heading up to the main road with Nina to catch the songthaew to the bus station. We were joined by Jan from Holland who was also doing the 3 day ethnic hilltribe trek with us. The bus left at 7.30am and took just over 3 and a half hours to reach Boun Tai where we met up with our guide Bulad and jumped in a cramped minibus for another 2 hours. The four of us got off the minibus at a small Akha Mochi village situated on the side of a hill. All the girls in the village were dressed in traditional clothing which Bulad explained was due to the fact that they were celebrating their New Year. They seemed a lot more ... read more
Akha Mochi village
Akha Mochi village
Our living room in the Akha Eupa village

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali October 22nd 2011

Our guide La, picked us up from the Ancient hotel in a minibus with driver Pra (?). We drove for perhaps an hour over narrow paved roads heading northward and eventually alongside the Nam Ou River which we would travel down a week or so later. Initially parallel to the Mekong River, then the Nam Ou and then at Huai Kan, we headed north west towards Udom Xai. The roads were now dirt, getting quite rough and steadily steeper. In some places we were surprised that the little Hyundai minibus which was not 4x4 was able to do the job. At least the air-conditioning worked. On the road to Boun Tai the villages got progressively poorer, the jungle thicker and the number of pigs and chickens, greater. This was a long trip, probably 10 hours. By ... read more
The long winding road to Boun Tai
Strange menu options
Photo 21

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali August 15th 2010

Muddy faced children stood half naked above the road looking down on us lined along the side of the road. Pigs ran around grunting at each morsel they stuck their nose into. The children watched, without expression, without comment on the proceedings below. A crowd gathered to watch us with blank expressionless faces. Then came squeal of the Korean made beige mini bus as it raced up the hill and into the thick sticky mud, the wheels spun again sending thick brown mess flying. The crowd waited in silence, holding their breath, watching. The wheels spun and then spun and then nothing. The driver cut the engine and shot back down the hill in reverse. We all sighed waiting for him to launch into another failed attack on this mountainside that has held us captive three ... read more
Two Hmong Girls in Sapa Market
Climbing up to Tram Ton Pass
Hmong women walking into Lai Chau

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali May 29th 2010

Happy Memorial weekend to those of you in the States. Well it's time for another travelblog. Some of you received a miniblog a few days ago (if you would like to be included on this list please let me know and I'll add you - mini blogs are sent via emails). It is time for me to be moving on so I wanted to write about a recent trip to Phongsoli, Laos. It had been a couple of years since I was in Phongsoli and I wanted to do a trek to an Akha village. phongsoli hasn't change much (if at all) in two years, still no ATM machines though "they" said there will be one in a few weeks. I think they said that last time. There is one decent guesthouse which is next to ... read more
phongsali May 18, 2010 16032
phongsali May 18, 2010 16409
phongsali May 19, 2010 16113

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali November 11th 2009

Some of the most amazing adventure destinations center around the great rivers of the world. Whether it's rafting the Rio Grande, kayaking the Congo, or simply taking a leisurely cruise down the Nile, we seem to have a fascination with these waterways that have played an important role in human development. One of those rivers is the Mekong, which stretches for more than 2700 miles as it meanders through Laos, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. In Laos, the Mekong is known as the "Mother River" and it plays an important role in that country's culture and lore. Travel writer Kate Quill discovered this for herself recently when she made her own Mekong journey, sharing the details with us in this article from the London Times. Kate spent a week on the river back in October, ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali December 25th 2008

As always I hope you and yours are doing well. This is the 4th and final blog on laos titled hill tribes. Currently I am in northern Vietnam on a 3 day motorcycle trek. Today is day one and if tomorrow and the next day are the same as today I should have a few great photos to share, anyway, onto the hill tribes. The first hill tribe trek that I took left from Muangngoi on the Nam Ou river. First, let me mention that they are called hill tribes because they live on the “tops” of hills. We walked for a few hours with our guide before stopping in a village for lunch. From there it was about a four hour walk up to the Seang savang, a Khmu village. We arrived shortly before dusk ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali November 21st 2008

--- I arrived in Bangkok from Vientiane last night. The PAD got what they wanted and the PM has been banned from gov't for 5 years. The "siege" on the airport ended at 10am on the 3rd of December. Today is the 5th, the king's birthday. For me plans are rapidly changing, I am now considering going to see friends in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as visiting Indonesia. This would meaning passing on Northern Thailand and Cambodia. I can get a flight out to HCMC from Singapore for a decent price. Once I book the flight my plans will be pretty set. For now though... Back to the 20th of November and Northern Laos... --- I want to just digress quickly on one funny thing about travelling and travel writing. Most people travelling have a ... read more
Lao Transport
Lao Long Boat
Muang Ngoi Main Street

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali May 4th 2008

Our visa were sadly running out, we have to move, next destination Phongsali. We had to go through Oudomxay, where we spent one night before heading up north. And what a surprise it started to rain, don't tell me the wet season is starting, it is not due for another month... but why would that surprise us... and surely as it was raining I had the privilege to have my first encounter with leech, while the bus stopped for pee brake... bitch, you not getting piece of me...however I could not kill it as had no means of how. Arriving at Phongsali, was bit of a climate shock, from such a heat into drizzling and cold. The views must be amazing, but not when the visibility is about 5 meters... Next day we wondered round the ... read more
 The only thing worth taking photo of / Jedine co se dalo fotit!!!
 Sexy outfit / Sexy ubor...

Asia » Laos » North » Phongsali January 18th 2008

18/1/2008 A lot of plans running through my head, Namtha...Muang Sing...MuangLueng..Vian... But finally there was no plan as "no bus today to Namtha" was heard this morning at the bus station. I really don't want to hang around in China for another day, so I brought the one available for Laos, heading to MuangSai, no idea where it is. But was told I can switch bus to Phongsali from there, why not then. We rolled out of Mengla in time, road to Mohan was smooth and there actually another more better highway under construction nearby. We arrived the border in an hour. together with a Danish man, a Spanish woman and a girl from Dali, we heading for immigration. The China side was smooth and fast. And before cross over the no man land, women ... read more
Phonsali town
Phonsali town
Thai Dam woman

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