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Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua March 14th 2007

Z Nong Khiaw sme sa za hodinu dostali lodou do malickej dedinky Muang Ngoi Neua kam sa nedalo dostat ziadnym inym dopravnym prostriedkom - len po rieke. Hned zo zaciatku spomeniem ze v dedinke bolo zhruba 70 turistov a z toho bolo 6 z Ciech!!! V celom Laose som stretla len 2 Cechov a pridem sem na koniec sveta kde je elektrina len 3 hodiny denne, ziadny internet a ziadny telefon a tu ich je 6 naraz :-) Vecer sme spolu vecerali aj s dalsimi turistami, hralo sa na gitaru - vsade ticho az na svrcky, ziadne auta, motorky - proste totalny relax - uz davno som nebola tak leniva - cele hodiny sme sa hojdali v sietach pred chatkami, pozorovali prirodu a rozpravali sa. Dedinka bola obklopena horami - zase sa nedali fotit lebo vypaluju ... read more
Evan from California
Ulica - tu kazdy kazdeho pozna - dobre miesto na spoznavanie dalsich turistov

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua March 9th 2007

Muang Ngoi is a tiny little place we went to after hearing about it from some people who said it was amazing. Was really cool, only had electricity from 6pm till 10pm so not the most liveliest of places but good to relax in. Went canoeing down the Mekong and hiking in the jungle to another small little village.... read more
Emily relaxing in a hamock

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua March 6th 2007

Arriving in Muang Ngoi by river boat was a pretty exciting prospect. Lonely planet describes it in a way that sounds like an idealistic travellers get away and I wasn’t disappointed. I travelled with some friends I’d met trekking in Luang Nam Tha and we met others in Nong Khiaw, just down river from our destination, where we stayed over for the night. Getting here from Nam Tha took an entire day traversing dusty bumpy dirt tracks by bus and an uncomfortable sâwngthâew journey, but at least it was mostly sealed roads. This sleepy market town on the banks of the Nam Ou cuts through close mountains and the scenery sours up on all sides displaying some dramatic lighting as the sun goes round combined with an eerie feeling as blankets of morning mist roll through ... read more
Nong Kiaw

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua November 26th 2006

Hello! Oh. My. God. I think we are really starting to realise that the UK public transport system is not worth the hours of complaints that are daily made in its general direction. 1. The buses don't ususally smell of cheese 2. People normally get a fixed seat rather than a wooden chair dropped in between the two rows 3. Your seat is not ordinarily suspiciously wet. 4. A 4 hour bus journey does not often take 7. 5. A bus that seats 16 does not seat 26. 6. Standing on the rear bumper for the entire journey is discouraged. Apart from that it was very good actually. Ahem. Saying that though, Muang Ngoi Neua (yes, we did make it -apparently it is pronounced Moo-ang Nyyyoi Nooooaaa) was stunning. It's set amongst the mountains which gave ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua October 28th 2006

Crossing the Thai-Lao border, the difference in travel-style is immediately apparent. Most places I'm used to, you could just jump onto a reasonably comfortable, decent-sized coach, train, plane or boat and be whisked off to your respective destination in relative boredom. Travelling in Laos, though, adds a whole new dimension of interest. Firstly, comfort and travel here don't really go together in the same sentence. Secondly, the country hasn't fully developed a decent travel network at this time - sure, you can get around without too much trouble, but it's a lot more hassle than, say, the UK or Thailand. For us, the whole experience is made a little harder by the fact that our guidebook really isn't suited to our style of travel (we're using the Footprint Guide to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, which is ... read more
Mountains on Nam Ou
More Mountains
Muang Ngoi from the River

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua October 24th 2006

Sa bai dee! Or hello to you. Hope you lot is all well and 'appy. As you may have guessed we've just spent two and a half days in a jungle paradise. We went north from Luang Prabang by bus for a few hours then caught a boat to Muanf Ngoi which is in the middle in nowhere. The bus ride was beautiful. We went past lots of pretty little villages. They are made up of lots of wooden houses on stilts, each with thier own little gardens....each with their own huge satalite dish....... The boat ride was even better. Every village we went past had kids playing in the river and there where buffalos having baths to. The river also runs between mountians so it's amazing scenery. When we arrived we headed straight to a ... read more
Sam on the balcony
The village

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua July 6th 2006

In Chiang Mai I met up with my friend Hisham who I met in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The plan was to head to HouayXai In Laos to do the gibbon experience. I really have a hard time talking about this still... arghh. The Gibbon experience is a 3 Day trip where you basically live in treehouses and zipline through the jungle canopy all day... gibbons are small apes who were once thought to be extinct and the I think the program helps to protect them and their habitat. Apparently they sing in the mornings. And all of this makes up the gibbon experience - which I continually hear is just an unbelievable experience. I was really excited to do this so when we learned that they hadn't received Hisham's email stating when we'd arrive and ... read more
The lovely road from HouayXai to Louang Namtha
adorable Laos girl on the 'vip' bus to OudomXai
Boys fishing in Muang Kua

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua May 5th 2006

On my first day in Muang Ngoi, a quiet picturesque backpacker place (almost a contradiction in terms) I met Ernie, who was keen to go hiking the following day and was looking for someone else to join to halve the price. I had breakfast with Ernie, Brian and Tania before setting off on the trek with them. Brian, a head ranger from Canada, and Tania, a doctor from Perth, decided during breakfast to join us. Of course, there was no chance of be getting injured or needing survival training - that would only happen when there isn't a doctor or ranger around. We set off at 0900 with our guide, Peng, and porter, Weu, for the 40 minute walk to the caves. They were caves. And like most caves in this part of Laos they had ... read more
The team
The rebel HQ
Rice farms in the valley

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua April 9th 2006

Both of us are feeling a bit fuzzy this morning after celebrating last night with food, Beer Laos and Lao Lao (Laos whiskey made from rice, tastes a bit like sake). In Sydney I would be lying in front of the telly trying to get over my hangover whilst Steve would be playing computer games; here we sit looking at the Nam Ou river, eating rice soup and drinking Lao coffee. Instead of the TV we are watching the villagers prepare in excitement for the Boat races tomorrow at Nong Kwai. Muang Ngoi have a team entered for the event but not enough money to attend. So yesterday they invited foreigners (Falangs) who are staying in the village to participate in a boat race to help raise funds. We were supposed to go kayaking but thought ... read more
Team West wins fund raising event
Picture of the village from the water
Stef in the Muang Ngoi supporters "box"

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua April 7th 2006

(The following are excerpts from our journaI as there was no internet access from the village of Muang Ngoi). I write this as I lay in my hammock over looking the Nam Ou river. Children play on the steps leading down to where fishermen work on their long boats and fix their nets. Steve is helping another backpacker (Eduard from France) to carry bamboo poles up from the river to behind our bungalow where they are helping to bring materials for a restaurant that is being built by one of the villagers. We arrived yesterday after a 3hr drive up from Luang Prabang to Nong Kwai followed by an hour on a slow boat up river to Muang Ngoi. As we arrived we saw bungalows that looked right over the river so while Steve collected our ... read more
Muang Noi scenery
Muang Noi scenery 3
Stef in a hammock

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