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Asia » Laos » North » Louang Namtha March 16th 2019

INTERMEDE THAILANDAIS Voici 2 jours à peine que j’ai quitté l’Inde, où je suis resté près de deux mois, et cela me semble déjà très loin. Le souvenir physique que j’en garde est cette piqûre de raie à la plante de mon pied gauche qui recommence à me lancer. Pour le reste, le contraste est tel, et mon nouvel environnement connu, comme si je rentrais chez moi, que je m’adapte facilement à ce tout autre univers. LES CHIANG SISTERS CHIANG SISTER ONE : CHIANG MAI Comme d’habitude maintenant, je zappe Bangkok et me rend directement à Chiang Mai au nord de la Thaïlande. Je déjeune avec Noi et une de ses amies. Noi est maintenant agent immobilier, en plus de son activité habituelle. Elle cible avant tout les investisseurs et expatriés étrangers, je ne tarde pas ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Louang Namtha January 23rd 2015

ooh...a traffic light! I was wondering why our bus stop before entered the town center, seem like Namtha took another step further to became a city! but look around the surrounding...well...the road work from the airport is almost finish, town still expanding and more houses, but the town still the same...quiet! wondered where the economy come from? where are the money? there must be something behind the scene! for us tourists...those bunch of trekking agency, guesthouses and cafe around the night market is the business center. not much had been change from my last visit 2 years ago. but room rate along the main street seem to be unified to 70000kip for the same old room and same old service. lucky there still couple of places offered room for 50000 that I could afford to lazy ... read more
seldom see flip flog game nowaday

Asia » Laos » North » Louang Namtha January 4th 2014

So when I saw Laos on my tour itinerary I did know what to expect. I thought it would be completely non built up and not habitated. I was surprised by the beauty, the early curfew (people by law need to be home by midnight) as well as the impact the modern world has had with many of our current technology on view everywhere. Do: If you are also going to Vietnam I would do Vietnam first and then Laos. Its a nice calm after the storm. In the capital enjoy wandering as it feels like a small town instead of a temple. In Vang Vieng go tubing or kayaking. Take time to people watch all the multi ethnic backpackers as this is often a stop over between cities. In Luang Prabang, bathe, ride and feed ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Louang Namtha January 31st 2012

Hello Everyone, I’m writing this blog post from an airplane enroute between Luang Nam Tha and Vietenne. We’re heading south to visit the Plain of Jars, then back up to Luang Prabang where we’ll meet up with April and Kyle again. So the Gibbon Experience. . . What to even say besides it was incredible and most definitely a once in a lifetime experience. We didn’t see any Gibbons, we heard some, but it was still likely the best thing we’ll do all trip. We left Huoy Xai in a pickup truck with 4 other people, all Americans. Us girls (4 of us) got to sit in the cab of the truck and the boys got the back which was quite cold and apparently scary as part of the road was nothing more than a track ... read more
Matt's First Zip
Treehouse #2
View from Treehouse #2

Asia » Laos » North » Louang Namtha December 23rd 2010

I hope you're all managing to read the blog - sorry about the lack of photos but connections are not so good! E-mail or leave me a comment so I know I;m not wasting my time!!! Fast forwards to Wednesday and we’re in Luang Nantha in the north of Laos. Checking on the map, this is as far north as we venture and it’s within a day’s drive of both the China and Burma borders. Due east is Vietnam but that’s a bit further away. It’s noticeably cooler here in the evening and long sleeves are a good idea for the mossies as well because they don’t seem bothered by the cooler air. I walked back from town at dusk in shorts and I’ve got 6 bites on my legs to prove it! I don’t think ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Louang Namtha December 2nd 2010

I arrived in Louang Namtha on Dec 1 around 2 pm. I was hot, tired and a little stresed by my experience on the bus from Jinghong. I went to the bank, exchanged $80 US for 643,000 kip, found a hotel, had a long shower, walked to a restaurant, had a Lao chicken salad dish (quite tasty) and crashed. It was later that eve that I started to try to arrange for a kayak trip of 2 or 3 days into the Luang Namtha NBCA, a national park, at the local guide shops. You can travel alone, but need a permit and some Lao to get around. Unfortunately, not alot of people are arranging kayak trips - the rivers are all exceptionally low - they say it is the dry season but the rough guide says ... read more

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