Photos from East, Laos, Asia

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Plain of Jars 2
Plain of Jars 5
Outskirt of Phonsavan
Swiss of The East 3
The designer spider
Bomb garden
Jar site 1
Natural Jar
Horrible spider
Spider in the plain of jars
Well well well...
Photo 27
Attack of the School Kids!
5 men in a Jar
Hide and Seek
Hornet Wine
Dried Rat
Tribal women at market
Two pretty beasts!
And again!
on the bright side of life....
beautiful scenery
Grass to make broom's
Suspension bridge in Moung Khua
Flying squirrel anyone?!
The lonely border
A village we stayed at
Old couple in Khamu village
More jars
canoe II
Kuang Si falls (again!)
They are everywhere, it's such a strange feeling to stand amongst all of these mysterious jars
A tree had grown and destroyed this jar.  I think it looks good though.
The view from the minibus
Fig tree grew out of this Jar
Site 2
Plain of jars
Jarred Tree
No whiskey in the jar
Mother and child
Prison cell bathroom at Long Ma Guesthouse
Latrinaer hygge
My own private Bell Jar
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